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09-18-2005, 06:10 AM
This is part of an email from John Berardi, its about his early bulking attempts. I thought it was interesting, especially the part in bold.

...................So I sought out the big
guys in the gym to inquire as to what they were doing.
Their advice was to eat all the time. Now, all the time
meant something very different to them than it does to
most people. Most people think that eating all the time
means 3 meals and then some snacks. Well, to these
guys, eating all the time meant literally chewing food
all day long. As a result of their tutelage, here is
the diet I generated:

Breakfast, 8am:
6 whole eggs, 4 slices of whole grain bread, and 4
packets of instant oatmeal

Lunch, 12pm:
1 lb extra lean ground beef, 1-cup cauliflower, and 2
large baked potatoes

Evening Meal, 4pm:
1lb of extra lean ground beef, 1-cup broccoli, and 2
large baked potatoes

Post Workout, 8pm:
0.5 lb of pasta (weighed before cooking), 1-cup green
beans, and 0.5lb extra lean ground chicken

Before Bed:
6 whole eggs, 4 slices of whole grain bread

Also, upon waking each morning I would mix up a 1-
gallon jug of water and somewhere between 5 and 10
scoops of whey protein. In addition, I would open a bag
of 6 cinnamon raisin bagels and put peanut butter in
between each bagel. The protein drink and the bagels
were to be consumed all day long when an actual meal
wasn't being eaten.

The motto was "If I'm not chewing, I'm not growing."
I'm not lying when I say that as soon
as I would finish each meal, I'd start
right away with my protein shake and bagels
and continue on them until the next meal.

Gluttony? You bet! Did I feel sick 1/2 the time? Check.
Was my food bill expensive. Sure. Did I throw up
occasionally for all that force feeding. Yup.

(I know that it's politically incorrect these days to
talk about extreme measures like this, but I prefer to
tell it like it is. Those were desperate times.)

But did I grow?

You bet!

On this plan I went from 165lbs at 8% fat to 210lbs at
12% fat in about 6 months. Hurray for newbie gains!
That's 34 total lbs of lean mass or about 6 lbs of lean
mass per month.

In the end, the point of my story is not to give you an
exact diet to follow. Nope, my goal is to illustrate
just how important it is to push the boundaries of your
comfort zone if you're interested in making gains. Quit
worrying about being full and just eat more. Even if
you feel sick sometimes. Heck, although this isn't a
pleasant thought, I did throw up a few times during my
early phases of eating big. But I haven't thrown up in
about 12 years and am still eating big.

As you continue to push yourself in terms of how much
food you can eat, the body will adapt by becoming more
comfortable at these new levels of intake. Just like
with training. Increasing your muscle mass isn't about
comfort. In the gym we train until we're uncomfortable.
And likewise, if we're interested in getting as big as
possible, at the table, we should do the same.


John M Berardi, PhD, CSCS

09-18-2005, 11:37 AM
interesting. i would rather use a liquid diet if im having that many calories than force feed, theirs no need in my opinion when you can have 1000 cal shakes etc