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big calvin
09-29-2005, 10:29 PM
sorry i had 2 tell more people but i guess some of u kno me im 22 years old around 380lbs and i today something happend that really made me feel good about the "little" things ive ben doing... when i started my new job this was the first job i had 2 wear a belt and tuck in my shirt all that stuff and i hardly ever wore a belt or tucked in my shirt(cuz i always had sweat pants lol) but i had gotten size 54 pants and it fit pretty good..but i still needed a belt cause everyone else had one and it looked wierd without one so i got one that was i think 54-56... and i used the last hole... well i noticed slowly i had 2 start to use the second hole and later the third and though wow somethings working lol....well today... i finally hit the last hole... it doesnt seem like much but man it feels great just knowing in 5 months ive done something that actually improved my weight/size... i havnt weighed myself ,its hard 2 find a scale that goes over 350 but if things go the way they are i dont feel the need 2 :)

btw all i pretty much have ben doing is i droped all coke (i might slip once a week) i only drink diet coke,coke zero, water or crystal lite but i think that helped out ALOT just cause i use 2 drink tons of it a day and being diabetic.....well i was a walking bag of sugar... and i also just started 2 eat a little more cleaner(not so much red meat or as much as id like of most foods) and sometimes i drink meal replacement shakes(lower carb ones most of the time) for my dinner at work..

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