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10-05-2005, 04:47 AM
Hey dudes i've been working out for over a year now and i've been through some pretty stupid and pointless workouts in this time. It was not untill I started researching about the best ways to work out that i found out that the bulk of what I was doing was having very little effect...

Still, I have dropped 6 stone over the past 13 or so months, thats about 84lbs :)

since I was trying to lose weight I didnt bother with bulking supplements or anything.

My current workout consists of loads of cardio, since my goal was not really to put muscle on - I didnt want that huge built look, I just wanted to look slim and 'toned' (theres that word you all seem to love :P)

ok here it is

Mon - 1 hour on eleptical

- Weight training on multigym consisting of:
- 25 reps of Seated pulldown to chest for 10 sets (110lbs)
- 20 reps of benchpress for 10 sets (90lbs)
- 30 reps of thigh extensions for 10 sets (90lbs)
- 30 reps of seated low row for 10 sets (90lbs)

- Ab workouts on my Ab-king (roughly 30-45 mins)

at about 10pm I go for a 50 min jog.


1 hour on elleptical cardio

ok tues is dumbell day. my dumbells are only like 8lbs but they're hard enough.

20 reps of dumbell bench press (flat) for 10 sets
15 reps of flyes (flat) for 10 sets
40 reps of Dumbell pullovers again for 10 sets.

Ab workout lasting for 40 mins roughly

Wed - Exactly the same as Mon

Thurs - Same as Tues (see where this is going?)

Fri - Same as Wed.

Sat and Sun are rest days,

I dont take any form of supplements or anything, however my diet consists of around 2000 calories a day mostly by eating Carbs and protein, I have very litlle fat in my diet. Im 175lbs now.