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10-08-2005, 10:33 PM
So I have been back at it for 2 weeks now after basically having a year off. My 40th birthday is 4 months away, so let's get in best shape ever for it. I'm going to try and backdate the workouts I've done, as best as I can remember.

Week 1 I just did various exercises to try and get used to it again so I will start at week 2.

October 3
Chest--Incline dumbell press:60'sx10;80'sx10;90'sx10
Flat Bench:135x10;185x10
Cable crossover:60x12x2

Did some light bicep work after that

October 5
Back--Lat Pulldown:120x12;160x10;190x9
Partial Deadlifts:135x8;225x8;275x6
t-bar rows:45x10;90x10;135x10

Traps--DB Shrugs:80x10;90x10;100x10
Behind back barbell shrugs:135x10x2

October 7
Bis and Tris
Skull Crushers:75x10;95x10;115x10
Rope Pushdowns:80x10;90x10
Machine dip for tris;stackx10x2

EZ Bar Curl:75x12;95x10
Dumbell Curls:30sx10;40sx10
Hammer Curls:35sx10;45sx10
Reverse wrist curls:135x12x2

October 8
Leg presses:3,4,5 platesx10
Hamstring curls70x10x3
Calf raises 4 sets

Right now I have bad pain in left shoulder that prevents shoulder work directly. But, I think I am back on track. Should be interesting.

10-11-2005, 08:44 PM
oh I was a little gily strength man today
Incline Smith 135x12;185x10;225x8;225x7
Flat Db Press:80'sx8;85'sx7--embarassed to post that
Machine bench:130x12;200x10;240x10
pec deck:100x10


kinda iffy on nutrition today--not up to my standard protein intake--gotta pick it up.

10-15-2005, 11:57 AM
man it was a good one today
Oct. 15
Lat Pulldowns--its like a hammerstength machine, but a little different
1plate aside-15reps;2p-12;3p-12;3.5-10
1 arm db rows but I do them face down on an incline bench--no cheat possibilities 70x12;85x10;90x10
Hammer strength row 1 arm

seated db shrugs--70x15;85x12;100x10;110x10