View Full Version : Simple diet

10-09-2005, 04:31 PM
It's true in nutrition, as far as I know, that you need 3 things to gain muscle.
1. Protein (complete)
2. Carbs: Fibrous + Complex
3. Ploy + Monosaturated fats
So, I've always thought, why can't my diet just consist of
1. Whey protein isolate

Trace amounts of fat <1
0 carbs
22 g protein w/ BCAA

2. Brocolli + Bulgur wheat

Brocolli, low carb, no fat, fibrous
Wheat, low fat, essential carb, 20g protein

3. Peanuts

Good fats
low carbs
decent amount of protein

It wouldn't be to expensive since the only thing that actually cost more than $5 would be the shakes. For vitamins you can take a multi, maybe add fish oils to the peanuts to make up for the lack of certain omegas. Of course one could (and probably should) also add fat free milk too this too. Mix it with whey for slower digestion at night time.

Does this sound like a good idea?