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10-10-2005, 12:15 PM
How much protein would I need per day (I'm 140 lbs by day - 145 give or take a few lbs at night, 5'9'', and I think I'm around 10-12% body fat), in order to maintain/replenish my muscle mass? I haven't been lifting for a very long time because of sports, yeah it's weird how we never lift.

I eat 5 meals a day: my diet looks like this:

Breakfast 7:30 AM: 2 whole wheat mini bagels (12g protein) w/ jam, 4 egg whites (24 g protein)

Lunch 12:00 PM: small ass turkey wrap (that's all they sell other than pizza or fries) (? g of protein) w/ a bag of chips (2 g protein)

After school snack 2:40 PM: Power-Bar (10 g protein)

Dinner 6:30 PM: whatever my mom made that day (? g of protein) and/or 2 whole wheat mini bagels with creamcheese (22 g of protein, yeah I use a lot of cream cheese), a can of white tuna (37.5 g protein) and a cup of yogurt (6 g protein)

Snack 9-10 PM: 2 whole wheat mini bagels with creamcheese (22 g protein), a can of white tuna (37.5 g protein) and a cup of yogurt (6 g protein)

and depending on whether or not I'm extra hungry, I eat a big bowl of cereal at around 12:00 AM (I'm guessing it's around 25-30 g of protein)

I'm maintaining my weight and body fat with this diet so far (or so it seems). I just want to replenish my muscles with protein so once it's offseason, I could pound the weights again and make decent gains in strength and size.

Thanks and by the way, how do I use fitday? It seems really useful.

10-10-2005, 12:39 PM
4 egg whites is not 24g of protein, not even an extra large egg white. a standard egg is 3g per white.
so breakfast, lunch and after school snacks all are lacking in protein by my count.

I'd agree with your rough bodyfat %...I'm 5'9" and when I was down to 150lbs, I was sitting at 13% bodyfat.

to use fitday, go to www.fitday.com and sign up for a free account. Then you gotta log your food. They have a lot of raw foods, and pre-packaged stuff, and you can always add custom food as long as you know the nutrition info on it. some foods are easy to search on, like "potato, baked" but others like "chicken breast" are easier to browse by category than search.

10-10-2005, 12:58 PM
If you are 140lbs at 12% BF, then you would need roughly 125g protein/daily to meet your min requirements. And about 61g of fat minimum. This is assuming your LBM (lean body mass) is around 120lbs.

I like to create my own foods on fitday so I know exactly what ratios I am getting.
I read nutrition labels like it's my job.