View Full Version : First time dieting in need of help

10-13-2005, 07:22 AM
ok ive been weight lifting for 8 years now and have made significant gains, during this time i have never eaten "right" or dieted, i always just ate what i wanted and really never saw any hindurance in muscle, i want to try it now because i have extra fat around my lower abs that im trying to get rid of, as well as trying to get better overall definition, alot of my friends tell me if i were to eat 4-6 meals the right way and take protein i would see damn good results, as it stand now i dont take protein or eat enough. my stats are waist 36, nec 18 1/2, arms 18, at 5'6 213.

From reading various posts i came up with a rough draft of a diet that i need help critiqueing,

wake up-protein shake
1st meal-oats with eggs and 2%milk (would a cheese omelette suffice?)
2nd chicken breast veggies
protein shake
3rd-(lunch) chicken salad
4th-(pre w/o) strip steak(lean) brown rice, veggies
post w/o, protein shake
5th- chicken breast, sweet potato or rice, broccoli
6th-cottage cheese before bed

and water through out the day, about a gallon all together, keep in mind that this is coming from mostly eating once or twice a day, also i want to trim fat and retain muscle, thanks in advance.

10-13-2005, 07:57 AM
Portions is just as important as what you eat. There is a huge difference between 1 cup cooked oats, and 1.5 cup dry. 2 eggs, and 8. 16oz steak, or 6oz. Track your cals and get the macros.