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10-18-2005, 03:33 PM
Well, it is about time to make a journal so here it is. Right now I am 5'9, around 150, and weak. Really weak! My goal is to just get bigger... I don't think I have the dedication many of the people here have to get huge, but I definitely want to get bigger than I am. First, and most important, is

DIET: OK, my diet sucks. I don't eat enough and I know it. For me the problem is that there are many obese people in my family and it is very hard for me not to associate stuffing your face with getting fat! So I am going to have to slowly increase my calories... I know my gains will suck until I get more but it is psychologically the best way for me. Typical diet:

Breakfast: Cheerios with skim milk (skim because I like the taste better!) + protein shake

Meal #2 (Lunch) Chicken soup and can of tuna

Meal #3 (uh... lunch 2?) Whole wheat bread and can of tuna (I like tuna!! :) )

Meal #4 (dinner) Chicken strips and small portion mashed potatoes

Meal #5 (before bed) Cottage cheese

And I have another protein shake after my workout. This is around 2000 calories, so it sucks :(. I am going to start trying to increase my intake... I want to add some natty p-butter, and perhaps another protein shake and then keep increasing from there. I know I am going to get chastised, I deserve it!

Workout: This is another area where people will think I suck! I have a little unusual workout routine, but it seems to be working for me so far (even with my crappy diet) and so I am going to try and stick with it a while before going to WBB1. I do 4 sets with reps of 12-10-8-6, but the first two are more like warm-up sets. I don't know exactly how I started doing it like that, but I actually like the warm-up sets. The only issue is that I think I have too much volume.. not that I have noticed anything, but theoretically speaking I think the volume may be two much.
I have an upper/lower body split, so Monday and Thursday will be Upper, Tuesday and Friday will be lower, and Wednesday is a rest day though sometimes I do HIIT (not the best idea with my diet.) I workout at home so I only have dumbbells; even so I am trying to do as many compound movements as possible. My current workout has (all with dumbbells)


Bench press
Shld. Press
Bent over row


Dumbbell squats
Calf Raise

I really want to incorporate some normal deadlifts in the lower days, but I am getting killed as it is so I don't know where to squeeze them in. I would also like to change around my upper workout to include some dips and/or pull-ups.

I don't have the weights in front of me, as I left my journal at home, but they are really low! As an example, yesterday I tried to bench 100 (so 50 on each dumbbell) and it just killed me, I couldn’t do even one rep. I think if I started from scratch on a good day I could maybe bench 100 with dumbbells. Feel free to tell me what you think, I know this is all terrible but I am improving. I am actually eating more now, if you can believe it! :)