View Full Version : Can someone make me a meal plan?

12-30-2001, 10:22 PM
That is low in carbs....fat.. etc. Or at least tell me when I ahould eat my carbs...and all that suff. Thanx

Severed Ties
12-31-2001, 12:29 AM
Making an entire plan for someone is rather time consuming and usually something I would get paid to do. However help and advise is always free ;)

Your starting points would be to consume six meals per day of about equal calories in each meal.

I include protein and carbs in every meal by breaking up the total number desired evenly but limit the amount of carbs per meal to around 50.

Fat tends to make up about 15-17% of total calorie intake, Coming in small amounts from lean meat such as turkey or chicken or from extra lean cuts of ham or steak. While the majority of fat comes from flax and fish oils.

If intense weight training is preformed then all meals should be reduced in calories slightly to allow for a post workout drink of protein and simple carbs. I tend not to consider this a meal since you simply drink it at when you finish your workout rather than try to space it as an actual meal. This can be 30 mintues before your next meal or an hour and 30 minutes before your next meal. The point being that meals should be equally spaced throughout the day where the drink should not be.

Food wise I recommend that a person write down everything they eat for a week so it can best be determined what foods are the best choices as well as enjoyable for the person to eat. Let's face it no matter how great a diet is if you hate the food you will not stick to the diet, as such if you hate a particular meal many people just skip the meal thinking it will speed their fat loss. In both cases they are taking a step forward and then a step back, sometimes even two steps back.

Once the food has been determined I write a breakdown of each meal so i can adjust the carbs/protein as well as the total amount of calories per meal.

Then once everything is accounted for I type it up and carry it with me so I know exactly what I'm eating. I weight and measure my food until I learn the proper portion size. This way their are NO variables in the diet, every detail is accounted for. The difference between fat loss, maintence, muscle loss, and fat gain is just a few hundred calories so you can't just guess you eat about the right amount of food. Or you ate close to 2400 cal/day, if you want real results you have to KNOW for a fact that you got exactly what you needed for the day, not just guess/assume/imagine.

Finally I tell people to buy a small note pad, and leave it by their bed, before they go to sleep just write down how successful they were for the day. perhaps just a check mark to show they got all their scheduled meals in, a note on something they missed or a meal that needs to be changed. Finally if they notice any progress in the mirror that day or if their clothes fit a little better to make a quick note as well.

Hope this gives ya a place to start


12-31-2001, 10:03 AM
Thank you very much! This helped a lot!:)

01-01-2002, 09:29 AM
yep the writing-things-down at the end of the day thing helps a lot, eventually it becomes second nature :nod: