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11-01-2005, 08:12 AM
meal 1
cup of cooked oatmeal
can of tuna
cup of coffee/green tea

meal 2
protein shake
2 eggs with salsa an corn (cooked the right way, it comes out huge)
cup of green tea/coffee

meal 1
cup of brown or white rice with 2 eggs and chicken breast all mashed up
green tea

meal 2
2 cans of tuna
1/2 baggle
grean tea

meal 3
chicken breast
grean tea

"study food"
baby carriots
plain popcorn

Whatever is made

Im trying to lose around 6-8 pounds in around 6 or 7 weeks (by mid december)

11-01-2005, 08:14 AM
Also, im adding cardio 4 times a week. I already work out 5 times a week

11-02-2005, 05:13 PM
1. Where's the fats?

2. More veggies

3. How's it working?

11-03-2005, 09:42 PM
Three cans of tuna a day. Might want to watch your mercury intake. If you have a little extra cash, you may want to opt for some canned chicken instead. The EFAs are lacking. Oh, and you might want to eat some WW bread as opposed to the high GI cheerios. This will also give you a little more fiber content in you diet. WW.

General Zod
11-04-2005, 06:21 AM
Isn't coffeee bad for weight training?


11-04-2005, 06:30 AM
Not at all. Caffeine is a great stimulant. You can drink it through coffee and get the antioxidants from coffee, or take it in pill form. Why would coffee be bad for weight training? Now most people do load coffee with sugar/milk and make it pure crap. Might as well just order a milkshake or drink a soda if your going to do that, but black coffee is great.

11-04-2005, 09:10 AM
I'd watch the white rice, cheerios, bagles and beans... (aren't beans very high calorie? Most bagles around here are high cal too. I forget it's been a while since my last cut... it's coming though) I always cut a lot of carbs when I'm cutting and fill up on plain oats, they are so low cal and can really fill ya... and 3 tins of tuna is a lot, I've done it but shakes are cheaper and taste MUCH better.

BTW- Tuna first thing in the morning is DISGUSTING! Kudos to you for being able to get that in ya! That's hard core!