View Full Version : Quite the new years eve diet wise

01-01-2002, 01:03 PM
Stuck to my diet all the way till 5:00pm new years eve until my mom baked fresh chocolate chip/almond cookies. I downed the dozen she made in 5 min flat, and then went out with them for some good chinese buffet. Went through 3 full plates of crab legs for appetizer, then worked into 6 slices of pizza, 1 full plate of chicken balls, 1 full plate of rice, and 1 full plate of fried shrimp. I then commenced the meal with 4 bowls of icecream. :micro:

Next, went home, got changed, ready, etc and went to a friend's party and drank a little too much whisky and rum :alcoholic:alcoholic and around 2am barfed up everything in my stomach until there was no more too barf up.. :drooling: around 3am another buddy of mine came over to this party and was supposed to pick me up and we were to head to another party but obviously at this point I couldn't do much more so he took me home.

Woke up this morning around 2pm, no hang-over (I never get hangovers), I'm retaining absolutely no water and the abs are shining (probably because of massive dehydration from alcohol?), and I have no gut or anything from the chinese food cause I barfed it all up last night. So all in all, last night was awesome not only for the partying, but for the diet.. :D

01-01-2002, 03:31 PM
So you've tried the Karen Carpenter diet? heh heh

This one's for you, Tryska ;)-


01-01-2002, 03:34 PM

hmmm..he's missing the sno-balls. that was soemthing akin to a roman orgy, complete with vomitorium.

wouldn't exactly call it my idea of fun though.

01-01-2002, 03:55 PM

Haha I stuck to my diet 100%.. godd*mn proud of myself.


01-02-2002, 12:32 AM
I stuck to my diet 100% too. When I got home there was cheesecakes and all sorts of other foods there but I didnt even get any temptations at all. Keepin it real.:D