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11-09-2005, 07:30 AM
Due to the fact I must be keeping ALN in business and Chris keep mucking up my orders I thought i'd give an ongoing weekly or two weekly review of ETS depending on the progress made.
I've tried all of the products they stock so far so I thought i'd give it a go.

To start at the beginning i've never suffered that bad with DOMS but was intersted in what strength gains it could possibly give me. I was also interested in people saying that it made them have a far better nights sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning.

I've been taking it now for a week and for the last two nights sleep i've had the best nights sleep in years! Usually I stay in bed ages after waking up but not now i'm usually up and getting ready within minutes.

The amount of dreams i'm having is unbelievable and in the past these dreams usually include Jordan and Shania Twain in a total perverse way.

Although very early in taking the product it was noticable that my bench of 130 x 8 was much easier and seemed to power through.

I'll keep you updated.........to be continued

chris mason
11-09-2005, 05:17 PM
Good stuff, thanks for posting your thoughts!

11-30-2005, 06:34 AM
Another two weeks or so have passed and i'm still sleeping like a baby!
Refreshed in the morning and raring to go.

Although i've nevered suffered too much after a workout it's quite noticeable that the soreness has been reduced. It also seems to give me that extra kick to be able to continue my workout longer especially as i've upped the sets from 2 to 3 on each exercise.

As far as strength is concerned i'd say i've seen a slight improvement, being able to do my max bench a little easier and adding approx 10lbs to my dumbell lateral raises.

I'll finish the ETS in the next week or so so we'll see how I progress with it.