View Full Version : new guy here

11-22-2005, 08:57 PM
hey guys i am new here, i am 6'4 240 lbs. i would say i have a 25% bmi. i wanna get down, and lose my lil belly and man boobies, turn em into pecs. what woudl the best routein be to do this. i am completely new to this, but wanna get in shape. rite now i do abotu 50 push ups, and 100 sit ups a nite, i just started about 3 days ago, i know this will help but i need more, to be sure, and accelarate the process. thanks for the help, also is there any supplements you knwo of that will help accelarate this process? thanks ,tony

11-22-2005, 09:37 PM
Hi new guy... have a look through the site articles too while you wait for input to come in; Diet and the timing of cardio routines in your day will be factors that need considering too as you'll find out.