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11-24-2005, 07:02 AM
I know this is more probably more appropriate in the GH forum but I kinda need this urgently so dun mind I post this topic here..

I will be having an Audit test soon and basically it's a practical test which I have to bring potential clients who are interested in personal training around the gym, take their measurements, BF, blood pressure, and lots of other stuff.

There will be a segment which requires me to check with them about their medical history and there are some simple medical conditions, which 90% and above of ppl know what is it.. but during the test I am required to briefly describe each and everyone of them. So any of you knowlegable guys out there please help me explain the technical terms of the following medical conditions (in terms of how would YOU explain to a client)

- Heart Condition
- Diabeties
- High Blood Pressure
- Hernia
- Asthma

If you know any websites which explains all these that will be even better, thanks!

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g00000000000gle it..

or go to about.com

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I cant believe you guys said Google it . What ... you two dont have the time to look it up for him and type it all out ?

Jeez ... selfish b*stards .

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sorry :(

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Online medical dictionary:

11-25-2005, 04:54 AM
Only med student so here's the basics:

Heart condition - there are lots of heart conditions... too vague, sorry.
I would include any heart attacks, irregular heart beat, heart rate abnormalities etc.

Diabetes - again this is too vague as there are many types of diabetes.
I assume you mean diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) but there are other types such as diabetes insipidus.

Diabetes Mellitus is inability to regulate blood sugar levels through insulin.
There are different types depending on whether it is your insulin *production* at fault, or that you produce insulin but it has no effect. It can be onset or from birth. "Diabetes" as a category is too vague in my opinion.
This can also get quite complicated as high or low blood sugar and diabetes have bearings on all sorts of other functions such as hormones (Growth hormone particularly), kidneys etc etc.

A quick note on diabetes insipidus - this is inability to regulate urine production due to ADH not being secreted or not working. Polydipsia (drinking lots) and polyuria (peeing lots) are the symptoms. Again there are different types - neurogenic (no ADH production), nephrogenic (kidneys not responding to ADH), gestational (when pregnant) etc etc etc

High blood pressure or "hypertension" is exactly what it sounds like. A standard is 120/80 and I would count anything over 150 to be be "high."
Again, there are LOADS of reasons for high blood pressure.. heart problems, kidney problems, smoking, circulation problems, blocked arteries, nervous system problem, endocrine system problem etc etc.
It's all very well ticking the box saying "high blood pressure" but the reasons underlying it should be more important.

Hernia - I don't really know enough to comment, sorry

Asthma - this IS pretty obvious. Most people should know what asthma is and they would definately know if they have it. Basically tightening of the breathing passages leading to shortness of breath etc.. I'm sure everyone knows these basics.

I hope that helped.
My main criticism is that the terms are too vague, especially "diabetes" and "heart condition"