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11-29-2005, 10:05 AM
Hi all. i started a fitday account, which can be found via my signature.

11/28 is a decent example of what i'll eat in a day, with minor fluxuations.

i usually eat oatmeal with raisins in 2% milk for breakfast, and at night i usually have a shake consisting of 2 cups ice cream, 1 cup milk and a banana with 1 scoop (20g) of whey protein (this is a PWO shake, but will have it on rest days as well).

i aim to gain weight to gain strength, with a goal of 200lbs lean by next year.

i'll be good for adjusting intake for weight gain using fitday and daily weight measurements, i'm more looking for advice on nutrient breakdown or whatever. not expecting much, just looking for advice. thanks,


12-01-2005, 09:27 AM
so i realized that i should have been more detailed. i quick whipped up something feasable for my timeframe, and details are below:

Breakfast - 8 am
2 scrambled eggs
bowl oatmeal
2 cups milk

snack - 10:30-11 am
1/2 cup cashews (or other nut)

lunch - 12:00 pm
1/2lb. ground beef
10 strips peppers (yellow or orange)
1 cup rice
1 piece string cheese

snack 2 - 2-3:00 pm
hardboiled egg

snack 3 - 4:00 pm
granola bars

dinner - ~ 6:00 pm
meat (chicken/beef/pork)
2 cups milk

workout (1-1.5 hours) ~7:00 pm - 8-8:30 pm

PWO shake (workout days only) 8:30-9 pm

pre-bed meal - 10-10:30 pm
cottage cheese (is 1 cup a lot?)

the above yeilds roughly what is listed below (no shake):

Calories Eaten Today
source grams cals %total
Total: 3252
Fat: 145 1309 41%
Sat: 53 474 15%
Poly: 16 143 5%
Mono: 55 497 16%
Carbs: 237 887 28%
Fiber: 15 0 0%
Protein: 241 965 31%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

with shake:

Calories Eaten Today
source grams cals %total
Total: 4452
Fat: 222 1994 45%
Sat: 75 674 15%
Poly: 19 171 4%
Mono: 55 497 11%
Carbs: 345 1319 30%
Fiber: 15 0 0%
Protein: 279 1117 25%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

obviously i'll be getting plenty of protein, fat is high, but is it TOO high? according to calculations i made per one of the published articles, i maintain at 3300 calories, and workout days puts me to 4200. so theoretically, i should gain slowly without putting on too much fat, as long as non-workout days provide enough calories. though i could always toss in a shake of only milk/protein between dinner and pre-bed snack.

this leaves me trying to get to bed/be asleep around 11:00 pm, to wake up at 7:00 am in order to have time to make breakfast/get ready/leave for work before 8:30.

any thoughts/comments? the foods i entered to get the above values can be seen at my fitday account for november 27th.

12-02-2005, 03:31 PM

so i have done even more reading, and determined that i want to get in 250-300g protein, 700g carbs, and 100g fats in a day.

this is based off my 200lbs target weight in one year. i figure i can plump up (could care less about fat) using a diet geared towards my target bodyweight, and then stick to it to maintain at that point. i'll obviously end up tweaking it some more, but i'm kind of dumb to where it needs tweaking. i can tell i need more veggies, but i have some for lunch and dinner every day. i can have more at night?

obviously, i need to cut back on fats, and up the carbs, and i could likely trim back my shake then to just a milk/whey mix, and get rid of the ice cream (shake consists of milk, ice cream, whey and banana), though i'd prefer to keep the banana i guess, i love 'em.

ANY educated guidance would be killer, i'm really trying to get this on point. i'm open to substitutions wherever, i just don't want to be stuffing in whatever i "think" is healthy for me, but to have a more structured approach to my diet, without overly complicating things for me because i've come to the conclusion i need to ease into this. what i've listed above is pretty typical of something i would eat, minus the big 'ol breakfast. again, ANY educated help is MUCH appreciated. thanks a lot,


12-09-2005, 01:51 PM
how about this...

breakfast - cals/p/f/c
2 hardboiled eggs
10 baby carrots

1/2 cup almonds

1/2 ground beef browned in pan
1 cup broccoli
1/2 almonds

snack 2
1/2 cup almonds

snack 3
peanut butter granola bars (natures valley)

5-5:30pm (first shake), 7-7:30 (immediately following workout)
pre and post workout shakes
20g (one scoop) whey
50g dextrose sourced carbs
1 liter water
(will drink on my way to, and on my way home from gym, straight to gym from work)

choice between chix/pork/beef; rice/noodle/potato; veggies, 2 cups 2% milk
low - 665/68.2/13.1/60
high - 912/76/30.8/93.5
(i calculated minimum values for the different foods i eat at home. this is my least controlled meal, as the wife isn't going to take eating the same thing daily. i can only control how much i'll take in. realisticly, i eat bigger portions than i calculated for, but i wanted to be on the low side for sake of calculations)

night time snack (pre-bed)
1 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup almonds, 1 tablespoon olive oil (readily available at home, we get the good stuff with the omega antioxidants anyways)

i know, i know, lots of almonds. well, i love 'em, and they're naturally convenient for me to eat at work. good for a snack.

for the above (not including the shakes, as i haven't gotten dextrose yet, and could not calculate the values), i have come to the following totals:

cals: 3512
protein: 235.2 grams
fat: 205 grams
carbs: 222 grams

calories, carbs and protein will go up (not sure about fat exactly) from my pre-post workout shakes. i really need the both though, as i've been averaging over 3,000 calories/day, not working out (intentionally) and have been losing weight steadily, and am currently at my lowest point of 162.0 and haven't been in the gym since late november. basically, i burn calories like no other, haven't even been doing much around the house since my little "study" began (wife loves that).

i realize that the carbs will go up some, but from research i've been doing, it seems i should get in more carbs!?! i did cut them out of lunch almost entirely, so i think that's where i'm seeing my deficit really. what i was thinking of doing to up the carbs is adding in homemade protein bars high in carbs (oats) in place of the granola bars i eat around 4pm (leave work at 5). so i'll get in some quality carbs to soak in my last hour of work, then i'll have my shake for the way to the gym, and immediately after my workout is done (i'll just use a little tupperware to put the mixture in, and get a marked bottle (1l or larger) to keep in my gym bag.

in case you didn't notice, i'm targeting my carbs around the workout, and for breakfast (love my oats in the morning, gets me going). is having such a low total amount of carbs out of whack? i can add more in for snack 3, maybe more dextrose in shake (not sure i like that idea...), dinner already has a good amount, but i can add more, and i'd prefer to not add any at other points of the day. maybe at breakfast i could toss in some whole wheat toast. hmm... that would give me another 140 calories, 26 more carbs, 5.5 grams protein, and 2.5 grams fat for 2 slices of whole wheat toast. i could also make sure to eat a potato in addition to whatever i eat for dinner.

either way, without the shakes, this diet will likely keep me at maintenance, or help me gain SLOWLY. add in the shakes, and i think it's just what the doc ordered to start to gain weight. as i require, i'll up the portions to compensate for more calories, likely in my snacks, and dinner, then when that slows down, i'll resort to upping the intake for my regular meals.

i know, it's a friggin' novel, and you likely don't even want to read through any of this. but i could use some critiscm/advice, as i've got until 1/1/06 before i start to implement the shakes and begin my program (doing this whole 4 month challenge, and i've decided to see what my genetics are capable of in such short time, so i've been "strategically" deconditioning myself back, and am at a lower point weightwise than before i even stepped foot into the gym again (was at 163.8 or something like that). again, any help is appreciated...

edit: i just reviewed this post, and thought that i could double the oatmeal to 1 cup since it's basically my only source of carbs for the day until pre-workout, and since i've given myself 1 hour to eat before i have to leave for work, i can take my time to wolf it down (something like an oxymoron...). anyways...

12-09-2005, 04:36 PM
Sorry, too long of a post for my ADD.

I'd completely ditch the granola bars - they're total junk food.

Are you bulking or cutting?

What are your maintenance calories?

What time of day do you train?

12-12-2005, 08:26 AM
Sorry, too long of a post for my ADD.

I'd completely ditch the granola bars - they're total junk food.

Are you bulking or cutting?

What are your maintenance calories?

What time of day do you train?

1) granola bars are gone when i've finished eating them, and i'm going to use one of the recipies for homemade protein bars as a sub-in for them.

2) bulking

3) from what i've tracked, ~32-3300, but i re-evaluated all this using the USDA nutritional database. already went shopping for what i need, so i'm going to re-evaluate what's going on every two weeks from here out.

4) evening. i go right after work (~6:00)