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12-04-2005, 06:53 PM
I got a Denise Austin digital scale, it's pretty accurate (only one lb off), but it only goes +/- in .5 increments. So now that im starting a small cut to shed some bf it's kind of hard to tell if im on track. I only want to lose a pound a week (already have diet and needed calories etc planned out) but say if im 175 and lose .1lbs it puts me as 174. My main concern is too not loose too much weight to fast. What would you guys recommend... stop worrying about something so small or get a new scale? I didn't buy the scale but the parents said it was pretty expensive. Here is what it's been measuring for the past week:

Monday- 175.5
Tuesday- 175
Wednesday- 174
Thursday- 173.5
Friday- 174.5
Sunday- 172.5
(note, the reason the weight went up some days it because of water changes along with not being too strict with the diet on those days)

So according to that I have lost 3lbs this week, but it could be less. I will also be using a skin fold caliper. I started at 20% and am now at 19% so I guess it's a good sign that I am losing fat.