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12-22-2005, 04:38 PM
In the spirit of the new year, I've decided to start a new log and try to keep it a lil more strict. As of now I am doing a modified 1.5 week dual factor training followed by a 1 week deload to see how I respond to it.
upper A

barbell flat bench 10x125, 7x125, 7x115, 10x100
db incline 8x35s, 8x35s, 8x35s
bb rows 5x95, 5x95, 5x95, 5x95, 5x95
bb shrugs 12x135, 8x155
db lateral raise 12x8s, 8x12s
standing ez french press 8x40, 8x40, 8x40
ez bar curls 8x50, 8x50, 8x50
All in all an awesome workout. Strength is down a good bit but thats to be expected after a decently long period off. Lower tomorrow.

12-22-2005, 05:49 PM
Nice man, looking forward to seeing your progress

12-23-2005, 08:14 PM
smith squats 10xbar, 5x95, 5x115, 5x135, 5x155
went too far down messed the knees, next time just below parallel
db sldls 5x25, 5x25, 5x35
Didnt feel it in the hams..experimented in form, definitely not doin close stance again as it hurt the knees, next time will do wide stance with more weight

Leg curls 3 sets 10-12, HS leg press 3x10-12, Seat calves 5x10-12,
machines at home are different and weights different, so not putting em up until I'm back on normal ones at school

machine abs 11x4, 8x4, 10x4
Overall decent workout. Can't wait to be back in regular gym at school.

12-26-2005, 05:54 PM
medium grip bb bench 5x5 w/ 135
2 board press 5x115, 5x125, 5x135
stand military press 5x5 w/ 65
dips 8xbw, 8xbw
wg pulldowns 12x75, 10x75, 8x75
*bi still feelin a lil off so had to keep it light
cg pullups 4xbw, 3xbw
ez tri ext 10x40 8x40, 7x40
ez bar curls 8x50, 6x50, 6x50
overall decent workout...curls went down a bit but maybe thats cause of doin pulldowns and chins. Lower tomorrow