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big calvin
12-31-2005, 07:19 PM
well i only eat 2-3 meals right now so im going to cut them in size and add shakes...just looking for general opinions if anyone has any post them no harm done ;)

9am-muscle milk

12pm-10oz. steak

3pm-muscle milk

5:30pm-muscle milk

8pm-12oz. chicken breast

12pm-muscle milk

im going to have to either get alot of fiber supplements or learn to eat some vegetables cause of the low fiber intake.

supplements & meds:
liver cleanse
vitamin c 3g
synthroid 150mcg
flax caps 2g per meal

total it comes out to:

Total: 2291
Fat: 108 972 43%
Sat: 43 387 17%
Poly: 3 25 1%
Mono: 16 147 7%
Carbs: 68 240 11%
Fiber: 8 0 0%
Protein: 260 1040 46%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

2g fiber added with supplements per meal adds 12g fiber total 20g which hopefully is anuff but if needed i will look into veggies. + the 12g fat from flax seed.. im going to try for 1 gallon of water per day...and 1 cheat meal per week.

im really trying to do something very controled so i dont have to think what am i going to eat next which is why so many meals are liquid ive tried this before(not with flax,fiber or multivitmins) and my calories ended up being very low and after a while felt bad but i think this time with the added calories,supplments i should be good.

btw im 375 5'11 about 40% bodyfat.


12-31-2005, 07:22 PM
eat veggies, more healthy fats, so much muscle milk why?

big calvin
12-31-2005, 07:48 PM
eat veggies, more healthy fats, so much muscle milk why?

i guess cause i look forward to drinking them and they come in different flavors so i dont get bored...banana,chocolate,cookies and cream...

i dont do good with alot of different foods in a diet i like things simple so shakes work its just last time i wasnt eating anough i only would drink 2 atkin or low carb slimfast shakes in the morning have rice and chicken for lunch and then 2 shakes at nite so it was about 6 hours between each meal and total wasnt coming close to 2000.

12-31-2005, 07:50 PM
get your fats from olive oil, nuts,natty pb, egg yolks etc....

12-31-2005, 08:54 PM
Have you ever considered making some fruit smoothies? You can add in your milk or use yogurt. Add bran or olive oil to it without having to really taste it.

At least you'll get some fruits into your diet and you should be able to control how much of what you put in it.