View Full Version : My January Progress pics

01-08-2006, 10:28 AM
Just joined the site recently, and decided that this would be a good place to post progress pics as i try and improve myself.

These were all taken this morning. Sorry that they kinda suck.


Right now I'm working on losing the extra body fat that i had been carying around for 22 years. As of now im about 5 foot 11 inches tall and around 182-184. I'm also trying to bulk up my arms pretty hardcore, mainly my biceps. I'm struggling with basketball arm syndrom right now where the biceps are skinny and long.

Oh, and this is a before and after of what i looked like in Juneish of 05

Comments, sugesstions?

01-08-2006, 11:58 AM
you got a mean pair of calves

01-08-2006, 12:32 PM
really good work man now its time to put on some muscle yeh

01-08-2006, 01:30 PM
awesome transform! congrats!

01-08-2006, 03:41 PM
Nice set of arms, but keep working that chest.

01-08-2006, 03:53 PM
Awesome work man.. Quads are looking mean!!
Good luck on the bulk...

01-08-2006, 03:55 PM
Chest seems to be lagging, but legs look pretty good and triceps have good thickness. Keep plugging away.

01-08-2006, 04:38 PM
Ahh, big calves, the battle scars of being a former fat ****.

Nice transformation. Is it just me or does he look alot more 'mature' without the fat?

Also, I'd aim to bulk up now, instead of leaning up even more. Squats + Deadlifts + Lots of GOOD food = a bigger, more muscular you, and you won't turn back into a fatty. You might even look leaner. I know the thought of trying to make the scale go the OTHER way is a bit intimidating, but the results are worth it, man.

01-08-2006, 05:08 PM
Great work man!

01-08-2006, 05:26 PM
Hahahahhaha that last pic is funny. You have a serious picture of yourself now as a chiller and then an old picture of yourself out of shape and acting like a goofball. Definitely some nice progress.

LOL and the shirt says "Timberlake" hahahaha.

01-08-2006, 07:38 PM
Thanks for the comments fellas.

I've been working on the chest pretty consistently, hopefully i can fill it out in good time.

And yea, making the scale budge the other way is not something tha will come easy for me. That scares the crap outa me! I will get there though.

01-09-2006, 07:26 AM
Awesome transformation man! Didn't I see you in Trainspotting? :)

01-09-2006, 07:45 AM
quads and calves look great nice work

02-16-2006, 03:46 PM
good legs, calves, nicely shaped arms as well. Looks like you know what your doing. your back is decent as well(good width) your chest does need some density to it. i would suggest heavy heavy heavy.... also incline bench press should be your brother for the next little while. (with dumbells and also barbell)