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01-17-2006, 01:35 PM
Hello all,

I am making my way back into the gym. I've been off the wagon for some time and am getting back on track. I read about the velocity diet and that what I am doing to get my BF down quickly and to spur some motivation.

I will be using this journal to keep a log of my progress and experiences while on this behemoth of a diet. I'll work up the details of my diet and post up a before picture later this evening.

I look forward to meeting everyone.


01-17-2006, 02:03 PM
I am 6 Feet 204, Iíll measure weight and for BF on a BF scale ( I donít care how accurate it is Itís a metric Iíll be using) and will take measurements of waist, chest, arms, thighs, and calvs.

According to the some what non specific information provided by the article I am using to plan this diet Iíll consume Non training day calories goal is 1479 : Training day calories goal is 1775. I am using Nitrean, Flax, Fish oil, a daily multi, and Thermocin. Nitrean two servings 5xís a day @ 220 calories a shake is 1100 calories, 5 servings of Flax at 80 calories each is 400 calories for a new total of 1500 calories. So this is my non work out day diet.

Work out day will include all of the following and at 35 calories a pill from fish oil, 8 servings a day brings me to 280 for a new grand total of 1780 calories. Iíll also consume a serving of Gatorade on that day during the workout.

Others on this diet have limited their coffee intake, bahhumbug Iíll continue to consume coffee in impressive proportions, Iíll just favor the unleaded because of the Thermocin. Iíll be drinking cold water through out the day and may decide to include some green tea.

For training, Iíll be playing that by ear but will log all the workouts in my PDA to excel to be uploaded to this journal. This will occur once a week so that the data is more concise and less of a pain to track. I work a massively full schedule including; a full time job as a project manager, I am a full time college student, I attend Cisco certification classes, am finishing up a house, am buying another to be fixed up, and have two children a 6 month old and 3.75 year old, (I am a glutton for punishment) bring it. Thermocin will be my lifeline! I work out during lunch and love to run so will be running on non lifting days.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

01-17-2006, 03:36 PM
Attached is the excel document I'll be using to track my progress.

01-18-2006, 02:04 PM
Day one was quite uncomfortable. I was exhausted towards the end of the day. Though to be fair I forgot my Flax all day and added it at the very end. Today felt better, I attribute this to adding the flax evenly though the day.

Day two:

I rode 9 miles on the stationary bike in 35 minutes. I tried to maintain a heart rate of 125. My average through the ride was closer to 132.
I have a late night at school tonight and a long drive to get there so Iíve been prolonging my shakes by 30 minutes. This makes 3.5 hours between shakes. I believe this will help me make it into the evening and into class more clearly and comfortably.