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01-23-2006, 06:53 PM

My name is Marissa! I know this is a forum for bodybuilding but I figured you guys would know a lot about being as healthy as you can be & hopefully wouldn't mind helping me out. My goal is not to become a bodybuilder but I do want to lose weight/fat and get in shape. The longer I wait the harder it will become and I'm tired of being overweight. What I need help with is creating a daily routine for eating and a schedule for working out. I can never seem to tailor anything I read online and actually make it a diet for myself. I need specifics about what to eat for the 5 -6 meals, when to work out, and what exercises to do. I can't join a gym just yet but I do have free weights, a treadmill, and a recumbent stationary bike. I also wanted to know if there are any vitamins/supplements that actually help with weight & fat loss(not diet pills)? If so which should I consider as part of my diet. I know I'm asking a lot but it would be greatly appreciated if someone was willing to walk me through atleast a schedule. Its up to me to stick to it and put in the effort. I'm a little embarrassed of my stats but I realize they are necessary:

Age 19
Height: 5'2
Current Weight: 210lbs
Goal Weight: 135 lbs

I know its not realistic to lose the weight I want in a few months but I think I can do better then 1 - 2 lbs a week. Thank you again in advance for any help/advice. If anyone would like to speak to me directly my profile includes my AIM SN. =)

01-24-2006, 03:26 AM
For food, you're gonna have to figure out what amount of calories you need to consume a day.

Step 1. Go to fitday.com and start an account, track your calories. Figure out what your maintenance calories are.

Step 2. Reduce your calories slowly and lose weight slowly, while trying to retain as much of your muscle as possible through lifting.

Step 3. Use the search function. Check out what the What Bodybuilders Eat sticky and figure out what you can and can't eat. Not sure? Look at the journals some of the memebers have and see what they eat. No point in being half-assed about it and having someone tailor a diet for you.

Step 4. Check out the WBB routines. Can't do it? Go here to figure out what exercises you can do with the weights you have http://www.exrx.net/Exercise.html

As far as supplements go, if you're getting what you need from food, I see no reason to take any supplements. Many people take fish oil and vitamines since they might not get enough in their daily diet.

Most importantly, check out the other posts on WBB to see if your questions have already been asked and answered...

Good luck!

01-24-2006, 10:18 AM
Considering how much weight you want to lose you may be interested in trying out a PSMF (protien sparing modified fast). You can read up on the details at www.bodyrecomposition.com but that's only if you've got iron will power.

01-24-2006, 10:26 AM
Thanks for the advice guys! =) I'll check out both of your suggestions!