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02-01-2006, 08:38 PM
Im 20 years old... 6'2 and I weigh like 158 pounds. Yea...I need to gain weight. But I obviously want to put the weight on in muscle. From everything I have read on this site I have come to the following conclusion about how I should be eating to put on muscle mass. Correct any of my mistakes...

I should be eating at least 160 grams of protein everyday. I am young, and I have a high metabolism so I should be keeping a high intake of calories and carbohydrates. I should eat something 5 times a day to stay out of catabolic state which burns muscle tissue. For breakfast a wholesome "real food" meal. In between breakfast and lunch ill have a protein bar. at lunch another wholesome meal. in between lunch and dinner another protein bar. then at dinner another wholesome meal or perhaps a protein shake INSTEAD since I work out after dinner time.

I want to be cut..I dont want to be one of those guys with big arms and a big round gut. I like the 6 pack I have now.

Does this sound correct? Anything need correction or changing? I use muscle milk for my protein shakes...what are your opinions on this supplement? It has 32 grams of protein and like 650 cals.

02-01-2006, 09:10 PM
K, please accept this complimentary flame jacket before we start this.

1) Yes, to make your muscles get larger, you must be training and eating a surplus of calories. There is no other way around it. Full stop. End of story.

2) Yes, at LEAST 160grams, but I'd much prefer you to get something like 200g per day, please.

3) Concerning your 'high metabolism.' Is that a self-diagnosed condition? Thought so. While it is very possible that you may have a 'high metabolism,' you might actually have a 'normal metabolism,' and you simply.just.don't.eat.enough. Refer to (1) If you know WHAT to eat (if not click on the blue thing in my signature) then creat an account and start tracking your food intake on www.fitday.com , to see what it takes for you to lose, maintain and gain weight.

4) I'd also prefer you to take less 'protein bars' and 'protein shakes,' but you seem to already know the importance of WHOLE FOOD. However! After you workout, YOU MUST EAT SOMETHING, DUDE. AT LEAST PROTEIN (a whey protein shake here is ideal) AND SOME CARBOHYDRATES WOULD ALSO BE VERY BENEFICIAL!

5) Being big, strong and muscular does not mean you have to be slow, fat, and unhealthy. There are alot of BIG ****ERS on this board who are very, very, very lean. It all comes down to what you eat, and how many calories you consume. If you eat like **** in order to get big, you're gonna look like ****. However, if you eat very cleanly (once again, refer to blue thing) with a small surplus in calories, you'll gain muscle and very, very little fat.

Hope that helps