View Full Version : New Diet, Death To Muscle???

01-12-2002, 10:28 AM
I've decided that I'm gonna follow a nice clean diet as soon as I go back to collegel. No more supplements of any kinda except of course a multivitamin.

With the money I'll have I've figured out that I can eat eggs for breakfast, 2 pieces of chicken for lunch, and 2 pieces of chicken and maybe some fruit for dinner.

The problem is that this won't be **** for calories, maybe 1000 and I weigh 230 atm, now if I follow this do you all think i'm gonna lose alot of muscle.

The first semester I was only able to get around 2,000 a day and I had to eat pizza for every meal to manage that but I kept most of my muscle and strength.

It's kinda a dilemna, I really dunno what to do

I might be able to get my mom to buy me a bunch of tuna every week, not really sure how I'm gonna do this but I know I wanna go below 100 carbs a day for sure.

Severed Ties
01-12-2002, 11:00 AM
Yes you will lose a ton of muscle.

I wouldn't be afraid of carbs and buying some whole wheat bread and i few other simple things could make sure you get adequte calories. You should be eating more often, at least 6 meals but you've probably heard that before. So I'd suggest you pick up some natural peanutbutter and a bottle of flax oil and supplement your diet with those. Someone your weight should also be eating around 3000 calories or more.


01-12-2002, 11:44 AM
This is gonna be diet on a shoe-string bro.

what you're gonna have to do is make sure you're getting enough protein and 'enough' [however much that is in your opinion] carbohydrates and then make the rest of the cals up in fat.

basically, buy cheaper protein sources like tuna, eggs, chicken [more expensive but good for only one meal of the day]. go for the big bags of cheaper oatmeal. can you get cheap bags of brown rice where you are?

PB is a good idea since it is relatively inexpensive. Also, go for nuts - especially the big cheaper bags.

is there a 'bulk' store near you where you buy stuff for cheaper if you buy in larger quantities?