View Full Version : Craving Pizza?

02-14-2006, 08:10 PM
use whole wheat pita bread!

if baked it makes a nice crunchy thin crust
if microwaved it makes a nice soft crust

heres the calorie breakdown for the ones i make
Cal fat carb pro
Whole Wheat Pita 140 0 31 6
Prego AN pasta sauce (1 oz) 30 1 5 1
Chicken Breast (3 oz) 110 3 1 19
1 oz grated cheese 74 6 0 4.5

WWpita Chicken Pizza 354 10 37 30.5
w\ olive oil (1 tbsp) 464ish 24 37 30.5

makes a pretty good chicken pizza
makes a good low fat meal.. if you want more fat, put 1-2 tsp of olive oil to coat the top of the pita before putting the sauce and stuff on it. although i only reccommend the oil part if youre baking it.. havnt tried how the oil works when your nuke it

:rolleyes: enjoy