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02-19-2006, 01:26 PM
Time to get it all together-

I'm not sure what I've been waiting for, I suppose I need some motivation. Bio: I'm 6'2" and about 190lb's~. I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina and I'm 18 years old finishing up my senior year in highschool. For some reason I decided to 'challenge' myself and on my own accord signed up for 4 AP courses. I later realized that to be one of the worst ideas I could have made for my senior year in highschool. So, the major factor that has been holding me back from exercising properly is immense amounts of school work / studying. But no more! - any more questions or whatever feel free to post.

-I don't want to post my max lifts because 1) I'm not sure what they are, and 2) I'm really weak.

-Hopefully I can get some pics up within a week

-I do NOT have a fixed diet, I eat very healthy, but if I do not track my intake precisely will I suffer greatly?

-time to go lift!

02-19-2006, 01:44 PM
I eat pretty healthy and dont track my diet so its not necessary but for undisciplined people it can really help. Lookin forward to seein some progress man.

02-19-2006, 01:47 PM
1. Dont be embarassed of anything you do here...this place is all about support. Just being here, youre ahead of alot people.

2. Having a fixed diet (or as close to fixed as possible) is important in lifting. Since food is your fuel source, its helpful to know how much your eating and how it translates to your workouts. Id say figure out what you need to reach your goals. If youre adding strength/weight...just eat baby! But keep it clean and high in protein.

02-19-2006, 03:34 PM
:) Thanks guys!
alright- so my workout today was about an hour long;
I also realized I don't know the name of the exercises I did :help:

Deadlift- 185x10 215x8x6x6 (The grip got pretty bad at the end, I ripped a callous off!)

Lat Pulldown- 80x10x10 90x8

---I put a 45 bar inbetween my legs and used the row grip around it and lifted one end that had 135lbs on it and did a row motion. It's like upright row but uh.... the bar is between your legs?-- (135lbs + bar (not sure of the angle so I guess I couldn't calculate what I'm lifting) x10x10x10

Seated Row- 80x10 90x10 100x8 120x6 (felt good on form and movement)

Rope pulldown 80x10x10x10
One hand behind head (--?) 20x10x8x8
kickbacks: 25x8x8x8
skull crushers: 45x10 55x8x8x8

Preworkout - Creatine (5g) + Dextrose (~25g)
Postworkout - (40g whey protein, strawberries, 3g piracetam, 5g Glutamine, ice) - I need to get some oats eh?

Notes: Felt pretty good, I know the numbers are low, especially my poor triceps... Overall, good workout and I feel great- Glad that we have tomorrow off from school!

Edit: I also did 3x failure of where you set your arms behind you on a bench and your feet on the ground and lower your ass to the floor then push up with your triceps-

02-19-2006, 03:39 PM
Ah...just makeup a name and put "Row" at the end of it you'll be fine!

02-20-2006, 12:19 PM
Alright- Workout was about an hour long again
Was feeling pretty dazed and slept in late, probably somehow connected.
DB press- 40x10 45x10 50x8
DB fly- 30x10 35x8 35x8
Incline BB Press- 95x10x10x8

DB curl 40x10x10x10
DB hammer curl 35x8x8x8
BB curl 50lbs + (bar +15lbs I think) x10x10x8

Pretty short workout I guess... but like I said I was feeling a little out of it
Preworkout- Creatine + Dextrose + 29g protein (skim milk + 20g whey protein)

About to go have PWO shake (40g whey protein + milk + strawberries + ice)

No hot girls at my gym- can't wait to go to college and use the GYM there.

Need to eat more

02-20-2006, 02:20 PM
A little off topic, but I'm heading to college next fall and I've already been accepted to NC-state (college of education) and App. state. I'm waiting to hear back from UNC-chapel hill. I was wondering if any of you went to- or have gone to any of those colleges. I'm holding out on UNC-CH because both of my parents went there and I like the campus.

02-20-2006, 07:29 PM
:read: I just made it half way into wuthering heights.... I feel so depressed... why do I have to read this book!

02-20-2006, 07:35 PM
Eat more...and yes there will be PLENTY of hot college ho's in in the school gym. Little cardio bunnies waiting for you to pick them up!

Never read the book...if you want a real depressing book check out: On The Beach

02-21-2006, 05:13 PM
Track practice today:
30 min aerobic run
Hill repeats
20 min light jog cooldown

Felt like poo, I'm real out of shape. (but I kept up which was fine)
Not too many distance runners (guys) on the team from the looks of it. I'm a little dissapointed that there are only four other seniors (so far) on the distance team.

Forgot to take my creatine before practice, but got a shaker at GNC today so I'll bring that tomorrow (how do you use them anyway?)
Post workout shake = (strawberries / 40g whey / 2cup milk / 1/4 cup oats / 5g glutamine / 2g piracetam)
about to have chicken and rice + some veggies for dinner!:drooling:

Sidenotes: (aka my life)
pretty up and up, my brother is coming this weekend to visit and i'm really pumped about getting to see him. Hopefully we can share some dickel (a whisky, fine one at that) and play some basketball, but not at the same time. He's also a huge gym fan so maybe we'll get in a good brotherly workout! :clap:

thats all for now I suppose

02-21-2006, 06:40 PM
-Just got another order of ETS and some Thermocin (because I've been feeling dead and I have no other stimulants in my diet- no coffee, coke, etc). I really like ETS, it doesn't help me sleep, but it helps my joints and thats the most important thing. No matter what when I sleep I dream, and my dreams are never good, they aren't really nightmares, they just suck and make me really sad <---- :whiner:

02-21-2006, 07:45 PM
Ive had some really vivid, and creepy dreams lately when I drink my shake right before bed...must be all the nutrients making my deep sleep get all freaky.

And not freaky in a Vida Guerra, thick latina brunette, making me her sex boy for hours on end, freaky...but weirrrrd freaky!

02-23-2006, 03:45 PM
Ah- yesterday was a bad day, we won't go into that all that much, although I did finish Life of Pi by Yann Martel. It is an excellent read, I suggest it to anyone . Anyway, track practice again today, I hope to be at the gym tomorrow after track practice again, then saturday for sure.

We did 20 min warmup (after all the silly team warmup stuff)
Sprinting around on the field in figure eight fashion for a while... I didn't really enjoy it because it was really muddy and I fell once. Felt OK but I was really tight after it.
Did 25~ min cooldown which loosened me up and I feel much better.
Over all feeling pretty good about the upcoming track season, but I forgot to take my creatine again :bang:
But... I'm about to go make a sweet PWO shake
(2x banana GNC whey scoops [40g protein], 5g glutamine, 2g piracetam, stawberries, and 2 cups milk, I don't think I'll put oats in this one.)
Still waiting on my order from ALN, it's only been a few days but I really want it! :whiner:

Sorry there hasn't been much lifting in this journal yet. Still working on getting some pictures.

02-23-2006, 06:52 PM
AH---- I manned up and went to the gym!
but only for about 45 min because it is/was late and I've got stupid schoolwork to do :thumbup:

BB Bench: 135x8 155x6 165x4~ (I had some help on these :cry:) 135x6
Incline Bench: 95x10 115x8 135x3~ (also some help) 95x10
Skullcrushers: 55x8x10x8
Kickbacks: 25x10x10x10

Short workout yet but it felt very good after a hard running workout!
Oh and my stuff from ALN got here! Wohoooo :smoke:
I took my creatine before the workout tested out my new shaker from GNC which works very well. My brother comes into town tomorrow and I can't wait to see him / lift with him / play basketball with him... Now if only I can make it through another day of school.

Edit: PWO I just ate my dinner which was lean beef and some potatoes.... probably get a shake in before bed if I can.

02-24-2006, 04:20 AM
Lucky to have a brother to hang out with and do things...nice going with the sessions and college plans, stay on top of it all man. Your name is crazy, lol...maybe we'll give you a nickname (which is the norm here) or use your real name.

Wish you the best in your goals.

02-24-2006, 07:03 PM
Today at track we just did a 45-1hour 15 min run. I only ran about 5-6 miles because I needed to head out earlier to meet my family (and brother, who is visiting) for some dinner. So a nice sort of trail 5-6 mile run.

Then I ate some sweet chicken potatoes for dinner at this nice restaurant.

After which I headed to the gym after drinking up my creatine.

DB curl: 35x10 45x8 50x3 <-(never been able to do before with left arm, form was less than perfect though...)
BB curl: 85lbs x 8 x 4 x 5 <--- the bar was some spare one that was on the rack for god knows what reason, so its grip was not what i was used to, and i had already put the locks on it. Oh, and I realized that the old bar was 20lbs so I guess I could add 5lbs to all my BB curls in previous workouts.

Lat pulldown: 90lbs x 8 x 8 x 8
Seated row: 100lbs x 8 120lbs x6 x6
Widegrip seated row: 100lbs x8 x8 x8

Short gym workout, only about 30min or so I believe.
Uh... felt pretty good about it
I need some goals! What do you all think?

Ok, so yesterday my biology 2 class had a fieldtrip to UNC medical school and we did some cool stuff, and we had had our teachers sign permission slips that covered all the way up to 5th period. We only have 6 periods in a day, and 5th and 6th are after lunch. However, we arrived back before lunch even ended, and there are 9~ people in my AP english course that were also on the fieldtrip, so I was under the impression that several students were already not going because we had been signed that we weren't going to be there. So, what ends up happening is that everyone except one person that was on the field trip didn't go to our 5th period english class. One person went to it though, one god damn person. And apparently she told our teacher that the field trip had come back and that we all should have been there. WHO THE HELL DOES THAT?? It's not that I don't like my english class, I l o v e english. But I mean, I was under the impression that no one was going to be going from the field trip and I didn't that to be that one person who went and ****ed it up for the rest of the people. So our teacher decides to write all the students that 'cut class' up. I'm pretty sure it just goes on my record, which was previously clean, and I'm not sure if colleges see it, if they do I'll be really angry. I also think it means a saturday detention or something like that. And if all that **** wasn't enough she gave us an additional 2 page style analysis paper to write, on top of the two projects we have due next week. English was previously my favourite (and best, I had a 98, which is respectable for an AP course). I don't know what to do now, I realize english is a subjective course and it could seriously hurt the way that my teacher grades my papers from now on. I don't know, I'm just really frustrated about itttt. :bang: :bang: :bang: :bash: :bash: :bash: