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02-20-2006, 03:59 PM
Before I explain, my weight is only 120 lbs and I am 5'7, and I wanna bulk up to just gain mass..perferably muscle. I want a slim, slender figure looking very cut and such.

Alright well as some of you know that read my previous post, Today I started my "bulk". I have wrote down what exactly I ate today. I am on fitday.com as we speak, but it seems I am getting confused with it all, I don't know which to select and such. I also, want to let you guys know if you had homemade meals/shakes that you may please give me to Higher up the Calories and Protein I am taking. Because to be honest with you, I dont think I can eat alot of food. I know you "Vets" have ways around this, with different ways of cooking a certain food, using Oils, peanut butter...Etc... I also have read in numerous topics about homemade protein shakes, I forgot which topics, or if it was on these forums. I don't have money to go out and buy supplements, creatine(spl?) and/or Whey(spl?) Please help me guys out, I really appreciate the comments, Really I do.
Here is a list of what I have eaten today as of 4:51 Central time:
2 apples
3 Flour tortillas with Potato and Egg inside of each "taco"
6 Tbs of Jiff Peanut butter
2 White bread slices (toasted)
A sandwhich with 2 wheat bread slices, with some lettuce, and 6 slices of lean smoked turkey breast
Numerous Gold fish snackers. (you know the small cheesy ones!)

I know this is probably bad, But I am just starting out...and its kind of hard to go from Special K (the diet I was on) to eating ALOT! I want your guys's input and if you can, please help me out how to use Fitday. If any of you can maybe input those on your fitday and post it as of now, it would help me. To see what I have done for today. If not that is totally fine, I guess. Just let me know how to use the "fitday" itself.

Please, like I asked before, post homemade Protein shakes, Homemade meals, Snacks etc...Just general knowledge of what would help out a noob likemyself. Btw, The gym was a great experience, I stuck to Machines today. A friend of mine is going to show me proper posture and technique with the free weights this friday!

Once again, I appreciate everyone's input, I am waiting here to read the replies, Counting the seconds :cool: