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02-24-2006, 09:38 PM
:strong: new pr on squat(555), little out of the ordanarie but whatever just wanted to show it off!!! The pic is after comming out of the bottom, it was below parallel and got three white lights!!

02-24-2006, 09:40 PM
Very nice.

02-24-2006, 09:52 PM
Would that stance be considered sumo or?

02-24-2006, 10:38 PM
NICE work! Are you planning on moving up to the heavyweights any time soon? You'd be moving some serious weight at 250+

02-24-2006, 11:10 PM
Sumo, my stance is actually a bit wider than that but the rack were too narow and I couldnt get my feet right, oh well still got the lift. I'm staying in the 198 just so I can go to regianals and have a better chance of making state, I plan to get up to like the 220's at a body weight of like 210 or so next year.

02-25-2006, 12:54 AM
well done

02-25-2006, 02:00 AM
Are your stats equipped or raw?

02-25-2006, 03:37 AM
You are stronger than I, but my hair cut is cooler.

Nice liftin'.

02-25-2006, 06:20 AM
Nice job!

02-25-2006, 06:26 AM
real nice, now I want to squat

02-25-2006, 07:40 AM
Awesome job man

chris mason
02-25-2006, 09:06 AM
Nice lift!

One question, that looks like 455 to me (4 45s and a 25 per side)?

02-25-2006, 09:07 AM
Yeah thats one wide stance. Either way, nice lift man.

02-25-2006, 09:47 AM
All gym lifts are raw, the 340 bench was done touch and go. All meet lifts are in gear. The weights were a 100 lbs. plate 3 45,s and 2 10's on each side. I think i maye have another 10 pounds in me so I'll be going 565 or 570 at our regional meet. lol my girlfriend likes my hair so what can I say??

02-25-2006, 09:51 AM
Yeah thats one wide stance. Either way, nice lift man.
It's not wide at all. As he said, it was restricted by the rack.

It looks like a 100 + 3 45s + 10's on each side.

Edit: ha, beaten to it.

02-25-2006, 09:52 AM
jesus bro your an animal, how many years have you been training??

02-25-2006, 10:26 AM
Nice lift Joe.

02-25-2006, 10:42 AM
Thanks for all the feed back! I've been traing seriously for like maybe 2 years, I just always had a stronge squat, but I really hit it hard in the past year and been rewarded with some massive growth. I really want some better gear, my champion suite is okay but I've used better, any advice from fellow powerlifters??

02-25-2006, 12:18 PM
You bench more raw than shirted?

02-25-2006, 01:17 PM
The bench of 340 was touch and go, the 310 was a pause press in compition and it was a long pause. I just cant pasue worth ****.

02-25-2006, 01:25 PM
What fed are you lifting in?

02-25-2006, 01:56 PM
WOW, I just hit 455 recently and that felt heavy as ****... I can't even begin to imagine throwing on another 100lbs :eek:

Very nice work! :thumbup:

02-25-2006, 02:12 PM
Texas High School Power Lifting Assocation( THSPA)

02-25-2006, 03:59 PM
Wow! That's a lot of weight, obviously. Congrats, and good luck!

02-25-2006, 04:25 PM
That's a pretty big squat for your age and weight. You've got potential man. Great job!

02-25-2006, 05:15 PM
Texas High School Power Lifting Assocation( THSPA)
Everything's bigger in texas .:)

02-25-2006, 05:19 PM
What a great picture! The bar is bending on your trap! Sweet!

02-25-2006, 11:46 PM
keep it up representing Texas. Anyways, badass lift for your age

02-26-2006, 04:08 PM
at first i thought your spotter's foot was yours and i was wondering how you managed to squat anything, let alone 555 with one leg forward and one leg backward. I'm thorougly impressed. do you have any pics of your legs?

02-26-2006, 05:47 PM
Badass man,you going to regionals? maybe you could vouche for how strong those texas powerlifters are

02-26-2006, 05:47 PM
Nice lift man, awesome pic!

02-27-2006, 02:09 AM
Great squat, how much do you think the wraps added to it? I always wanted to try them out.

02-27-2006, 03:33 PM
Great squat, how much do you think the wraps added to it? I always wanted to try them out.

probally like 20 pounds, I hit 520 with out gear, but I think my friend called me high. So with the cheap suite I wear and the wraps I get atleat 40 more pounds. Most people get more but I can never get my gear to work with me so yeah.

And yeah I'm going to regional in 2 weeks I'll let ya'll know how I do and tell yall what the top guy did.

02-28-2006, 01:41 PM
very nice work there. 555lbs. wooah. I cant lift that weight with any part of my body lol.
ive always thought about squats. Doesnt it really hurt your shoulders?

02-28-2006, 02:11 PM

02-28-2006, 05:15 PM
Awesome work dude..
With your numbers, you should do really well in regionals..
Check out this web site for Texas lifting...
you can generate the results for your weightclass and see that you would be at the top of the Squat for your weight... and close on the DL and BP..