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02-28-2006, 09:42 PM
I'm 21 year sold and started lifting in June 2004 not sure on the exact date. When i started lifting i only worked out chest and arms and have since started a full body workout isolating one muscle each day. I went from 5'11 120 pounds to 5'11 155 pounds. I just recently started bulking up and have only recently seen these weight gains.

I am starting this journal to keep track of the HST workout which i will be starting very soon. At latest I will start March 5, 2006.

03-06-2006, 04:14 PM
Today was alot harder then expected but i think it was a combination of the first workout after my week break and some heavy poundage on my squats.
I did as much as I could but I felt like I was gonna throw up but I made sure to hit everything at least once as hard as I could.

DB Squat 2x15x70
Straight Leg dead lift 2x15x40
Bench Press 2x15x125
Pull-ups 1x15xBW
Lateral Raise 1x15x30
Shrugs 2x10x50
Barbell Curls 1x15x65
Tricep Dip 1x15xBW+10
Calf Raise 2x15x85

Wednesday I plan on doing 2 sets of everything even if it kills me or I do throw up.