View Full Version : Volleyball is coming, a newbie with a journal and a mission!

03-05-2006, 08:54 PM
Ok, so here goes.. going to start this journal to keep me motivated. I love the summer, and will be playing in a vball tournament with a buddy and it's keeping me motivated.

Goals: Lose fat and keep as much LBM as possible
Weight: 176 by the gym scale, the one at home says 170.. quite a difference but I'll just use 1 for this journal.

Supps: Whey, Thermorexin, soon fish oil.

I'm new to this whole watching what I eat thing, and from what I've learned reading through here, I'll try keeping my calories <2000 and see how it works. All those 'online calculators' put me at around 2400 to maintain my weight. I know it's never very accurate, so I'll start <2000 and see what happens unless someone has a better suggestion?

Protein intake is currently about 1x bodyweight, should I be at 1.5 or more?
I seem to be at about a 40/35/25 split looking at my past week on fitday. Protein/carb/fat.

I'm definatly dedicated, don't let the volleyball-beach reference confuse you... I'm not just a 'do some curls, bench, and thats it'. Although I must admit, I do have to incorporate deadlifts into my routine. I've been lifting solid for about 6-7 months and off and on for a couple years. (More off than on :shoot: )

Tomorrow is chest day, so I'll update after the gym tomorrow, and as far as food it can be seen in my public fitday that's in my sig. Any other stuff you need to know, ask away... I'll be seeking lots of help during this, and I hope to make some changes in the meantime before July 1!

03-06-2006, 04:57 PM
Chest Day

DB Press

BB Decline

Hammer Strength Incline

Cable Fly's
50x10 (2 sets)

DB Incline Fly's

Not a bad day, not spectacular. Last week I felt a little stronger on my lifts, getting DB 80's for an extra rep. Diet has been ok so far... going to have another shake now, and chicken for dinner, and another shake before bed. I think I may be consuming too many carbs... may try to cut them back. Weight on the gym scale says 177