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03-15-2006, 12:52 PM
Hey everyone, I've been a long time lurker and I'm now starting an online journal to keep myself motivated. A little background information:

Height: 5 ft 11
Weight: 168.5 lbs (as of today and post-binging, carrying a lot of water)
BF: 12 - 13%
Goal BF: Sub 10%

Brief background: I've always had major weight issues as a kid. I started as an obese pre-teen weighing over 160lb at 5'5. Tired of the jeers from those around me, I joined the X-country team in grade 8 an attempt to shed some of my fat. What started as a motivation to lose weight has turned into a very involved sport for me. I stuck with the team and was able to qualify for the provincials during my junior year. I was a skeletal 135 lb and 5'10 during the season's peak.
Over the summer I lifted a set of weights for the first time in my life. Taking advantage of the n00b gains, I managed to bulk to 150 lb. However, with the end of X-country season, I used "bulking" as an excuse to eat everything in sight and turned lazy. On some days, I was averaging 5,500 calories, which is around double what my maintenance is. This past week has been particularly horrendous, I practically dropped all physical activity and ate at 6k - 7k calories a day. The emotional satisfaction of binging, and the ensuing guilt of it consumed me. I've decided that enough is enough after finishing another box of cereal and litre of milk for breakfast this morning.

The plan: A 40/40/20 zone type cut averaging 1700 calories on lifting days and 1500 calories on cardio days. A 5 hour "refeed" once per week around training on leg days consisting of around 200 g of carbs. Refeeds will increase in frequency when I get to lower body fat levels.

Im going to get back to the groove of running (since my laziness and binging, running has become somewhat difficult) while lifting.

Training: I'm still rather n00bish in this aspect and used a 4 day split of Chest/Back/Legs/Shoulders during my bulk. I also did a UD2.0 type style training for a week (with good results) but decided that the nutritional part was much too difficult for me to handle (I function miserably on lowcarbs, and the deprivation made the refeed days binge-like).
Im going to try an Upper/Lower split during this cut.

Day 1: Lower 1
Day 2: Upper 1 + 30 minutes of cardio
Day 3: Interval Cardio (3.5 mile timed run)
Day 4: Upper 2 + 30 minutes of cardio
Day 5: Lower 2
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Long run (to the tune of 6 mile-ish)

Lower 1:
Parallel squats
ATG Front squats

Upper 1:
Incline press
Standing military
Close-grip bench

Lower 2
Leg curls

Upper 2
Rows (One-hand dumb bells and machine rows)
Lat pulldowns
A Curl or two

03-15-2006, 04:46 PM
Day 1:


P/C/F = 124/330/22 = 1946 kcal

Its only 6:30, I will probably have another chicken breast late at night (since protein is pitifully low). Calories were high since I had a 1300 kcal breakfast consisting of a box of Kashi cereal and a litre of milk (not as bad as yesterday's box of Special K, three cups of raw oats, and 3 litres of milk for dinner). Thats when I decided to get my ass back in line.

Exercise has blunted hunger, motivation is relatively high. Looking at the mirror, I must've gained at least 6 - 7lb of fat in the week of binging, and holding at least 4 - 5 lb of water. That's where eating at around 2.5X maintenance gets you. Binging was due to a mixture of teenage angst, lack of motivation, and girl issues. That's behind me now.


Lower/Leg Day

Dips: 12 * BW, 8 * BW, 6 * BW
Parallel squats: 10 * 135, 4 * 175, 8 * 175, 9 * 175, 9 * 175
ATG squats: 3 * 95 (front - ouch), 20 * 95 (regular), 10 * 135 (regular)
Deadlift: 8 * 135

I came to the gym at peak hours (4 PM), psyched for my workout, only to find the squat rack occupied by two guys using it for shrugs. I stretched and did some dips to kill time while trying to keep myself pumped with The White Stripes screaming in my ear. The parallel squats were pretty easy, but I din't want to go too heavy since I plan to do some cardio either later tonight or early in the morning tomorrow. Wouldn't want to keel over in the middle of a trail because of my legs dying on me. Note to self: work on front squats. My elbows/wrists were killing me while trying to do front squats, so I ended up doing regular ATG squats. Threw in a set of regular deads just for kicks (and to get the feel of the movement since I haven't done it for 1.5 weeks). Will aim for 10 clean reps of 195 lb squats next time. Aim for 6 - 8 reps of 195 lb deads next time.

Note to self: take caliper readings and measurements when water weight is gone. Should have a good baseline to compare progress to.