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03-21-2006, 07:42 AM
Hi guys,

I undertook a slow cut over the past few months, and its done wonders. I'm at quite a good size now < 10% bf, but I have gone down slightly in the amount of weight i'm able to push. I was cutting at about 2,900/800 kcal per day, but I was training 5 days, and doing cardio about 3 days a week.

Next week i return home from college, and I'm having it completely off, (diet wise), getting some home cooked food down and generally pigging out as a reward for my hard gains. Then the slow bulk starts again.

I think I'm going to cut down on cardio, still training 5 days a week and comsume 6 meals of about 600 kcal each (3600 per day). Its been a while since I've been on a slow bulk, and I've got some questions:

1. Is this the right amount of meals and calories - or should I have say, 5 meals of 600kal and two of 300 (i'm thinking pre and post workout here)
2. Whats the max amount of calories i should eat in one sitting, with minimal fat gain?
3. I'm looking to gain a pound a week. For my size (6 feet), do you think the calorie intake's going to be too low?
4. Should I maintain this rigidly? IE never eat over 600kal in one go, no matter what (excepting cheat meals of course)

here's a typical day's menu for me (currently):

Breakfast: 100g oats, multivitimin, 1 pint skim milk. (600 cal)
Snack (postworkout): 1 Dorian Yates Promass, made with skim milk. (380 cal)
Lunch: Two turkey sandwiches, with salad. 200g non fat yoghurt, apple and coffee. (600 cal)
Snack: Turkey sandwich OR Whey shake + 2 slices toast with natty PB OR grapefruit, cottage cheese + 1 sice Wholewheat bread. (< 400 cal)
Dinner: 100g pasta, 250g Broccoli, 1 can tomatoes, garlic & chicken breast. (~600 cal)
Pre - Bed: 1 cup cottage cheese, 2 slices wholewheat toast. (< 400 cal)

5. How should I adapt this? I have a feeling i'm not getting enough fat (though i think I probably was for a cut, but i'm constantly hungry, near enough.)

6. I have about one or two cheat meals a week, and the occasional ASTRONOMICAL cheat day. Should I ditch this?

I'm not weightlifting for competition standard, just for asthetics, strength, and prowess at Brazillian Jujitsu.

03-21-2006, 03:14 PM