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03-23-2006, 04:41 AM
This is a long one but I have three topic/questions that I've pieced together info from searches but need some clarification on and didn't feel like starting three topics.

First up: Low GI carbs (that I can eat)

I just reread "The Carbohydrate Manifesto" and a few threads and given my craptacular cut results so far on primarily high GI carbs eaten all day I want to give low GI carbs a try.

I was looking for a few that wouldn't bother my stomach problems too badly and I came across 'Milk'. I've never had huge problems drinking milk and skim is low GI (all of them are, really, but I want to keep my saturates down).

So... provided it doesn't send me running for the washroom with cramps every 10 minutes... can anyone see a downside to using (even more) skim milk as my carb source? I already have two glasses a day... but I'm thinking along to lines of downing a 1 liter as my lunch instead of getting what I usually get. It's really low calories to do that... really low... but I can compensate with a larger dinner?

Second up: Eating dinner after lifting

What kinds of foods should I be looking at for a full blown MEAL after a lifting session? I always down a protein shake (ON whey and powdered skim milk = protein/carbs, 0 fat) as soon as I get in. Dinner is usually an hour or two later and is usually a hamburger (xtra lean ground beef home-made patty, mayo, relish, ketchup, white bun). That is all, at the moment.

Third question: When is a good time to slip in my daily fats?

If I go to this when is a good time to get my daily fats in? With the low GI foods during the day (a few handfuls of peanuts)? Post workout (always heard that was a no-no since it slows protein absorbtion?)? With dinner (I like beef more than chicken... it's cheaper and I prefer the taste... so my dinner does tend to be where I get a big chunk of them).

If I use nuts those are really my three windows since I really NEED them mostly digested by the time I hit bed or I suffer big time the next day thanks to my digestion issues.