View Full Version : Journeys of a geek for the gym and beyond!

03-23-2006, 03:56 PM
Weeeeeeeeeelp I think its time I Started a journal. Hell, its time I started a routine that I feel comfortable with and will stay with longer then a month.
Anyways a little background information about me. Im a geek, a rather....different geek. Let me explain why.
I love comptuer games - World of Warcraft, Quake4, and all the oldie moldies too).
I love playing pool - I can ERO someone (Eight Ball Runout, - run all balls on the table-) about every 1 in 4-6 games
I love metal - Not the cheesy **** people list on here, but real metal. Sorry if I offended anyone.
I love basketball - Used to play all the time, almost made it college level....but well....I didnt go to college!
Mushrooms are fun - I aint one for drugs (ive never smoked weed in my life) but zoomers are great every now and then(let the flame war begin).
I am a salesman...I sell car audio for a living right now for a company called Visions Electronics and its great. So easy. Good Cash, laid back and I can creep underage girls when they come in to buy a stereo :redface: . Ok not really, but there is nice eye candy.

Lastly Ive always been a huge fan of bodybuilding but ive never been one to follow through with anything and look longterm, I always look for results immediately. But ive came to the realization that...well, that doesnt happen in this sport. So after thinking alot and all that fun stuff ive came to the conclusion that I will add this amazing sport to my ever so diverse regime of activities. This one will really test my abilities and dedication.

Now some stats about me real quick:
weight: 182ish
long neck, droopy shoulders (duh I am a computer geek, but getting better!)
Big 3 Stats as it is right now:
Deadlift: 225x5
Squat: 195x5
BB BP: 120x4

So as you can see, my legs/lower back are my strong point, BUT Ive had problems with my lower back for a while now, and am not doing squats or deadlifts at this time.

So come on in and join on my journey as I ask alot of questions that I *could* use search for and go thru page upon page of crap or just ask here and hopefully get a reponse. And other random venting over games, women, alcohol and real life drama!