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03-29-2006, 11:49 AM
This is my journal. A whole new way of life has opened up to me. Wannabebig has changed me forever.

I always wonder what someones appearance is when I read their post. It usually makes me mad because I cannot put a picture with a post; I am a very visual person! Although, maybe it is good that there are no pictures. People tend to judge people on outward appearances, no pictures means no judgment. Nevertheless, I begin with a picture of myself that really shows what my life is about:

I am the one in the back. The one with the white shirt on. I feel as if my whole life I have needed to cover up what I see as shameful. This picture was taken last fall during the 2005 National Thistle Regatta off the coast of New Jersey. The guy in front of me is my cousin and the guy in the front is my best friend.

I have been transforming into a new person since late November 2005 when I hit an all time low. For a short recap, I started to get interested in losing weight in November. I was eating less and doing a ton of cardio. In December I took a break. Early January I started taking hydroxycut and shaping my diet. Then I stumbled across wannabebigforums. Here is my initial post:
Support and Insight Needed! Cutting then Bulking (http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=74974)

Ever since Builts initial reply and countless PM's I have been attempting to shape my diet around my collegiate life. More recently I have been shaping my training split into something useful.

I stopped cutting February 22nd, when the members of the forum helped me realize I need to bulk before I can cut.

So I started a clean bulk. It has been exactly 5 weeks today. (Minus 1 week for spring break where I did minimal lifting) I started my bulk slow with only 2,300 calories a day. Then I pushed it to about 2,500 calories and held it there for awhile.

I have noticed I havent gained much weight. I weighed my self last night and I have gained roughly ~4 pounds. I was really happy though because my weight went up 4 pounds but my body fat percentage fell from 15% to 14%. I have not weighed myself at all since February. I think its time to up my caloric intake.

Monday of this week I began the official 3000 calories a day. I find it hard to reach 3,000 calories eating cleanly. Hopefully the extra calories and heavy lifting will help me gain weight and not excessive amounts of fat.

I am still changing my diet every day, but this is what I am currently set at:
Calories: 3,070
Fat(g): 124
Carbs(g): 245
Protein(g): 266

The only supplements I am taking:
100% ON Whey
GNC Creatine

My split is rather weak, but the semester is getting more time consuming and I find it hard to change it up:
Bench Press: 5x5 (155lbs)
Arnie Press: 3x8 (35lbs) 2x6(40lbs)
Stationary Rows: 3x8 (125lbs) 2x8(137.5lbs) Cybex Machine
Chin Ups: 1x8 3x7 (BW)
Dumb Bell Bench: 3x8(50lbs) 2x8(55lbs)
Squats: 3x8 (155lbs)
Pull Ups: 1x6 3x5 (BW)
Lat Pull Downs: 3x8 (112.5 lbs) Cybex machine
Abs: 3x20 (125lbs) Cybex machine
Tricep Extension: 3x8 (75lbs)
Inclined Bench Press: 3x8 (105lbs)
Arnie Press: 3x8 (35lbs) 2x6(40lbs)
Stationary Rows: 3x8 (125lbs) 2x8(137.5lbs) Cybex Machine
Chin Ups: 1x8 3x7 (BW)
Inclined Dumb Bell Bench: 3x8(50lbs) 2x8(55lbs)
Seated Leg Press: 3x8 (300lbs) Cybex Machine
Pull Ups: 1x6 3x5 (BW)
Lat Pull Downs: 3x8 (112.5 lbs) Cybex machine
Abs: 3x20 (125lbs) Cybex machine
Tricep Extension: 3x8 (75lbs)
Either rest, or start split again. Depending on time constraints.

To most I look normal with clothes on. It the unwanted extra few pounds of baby fat that have never gone away. My goal is to be lean. I don't want to be huge. More lean...more definition...more determination.

03-29-2006, 05:52 PM
Wednesday (March 29th):

Overall felt more energy during todays session than the last two. Also first day ever to switch up my upper body routine.

Bench: 5x5 (145lbs) 1x2 (155lbs)
Military Press: 1x8 (55lbs) 1x8(65lbs) 1x8(70lbs) 1x8(75lbs)
Pull Ups: 1x10 1x9 1x8 2x7 (BW)
Seated Rows: 4x8 (125lbs) Cybex Machine
Dips: 3x8 (BW)
DumbBell Bench: 3x8 (50lbs)

03-31-2006, 12:21 AM
Thursday (March 30th):


Was very overwhelmed with scholastic duties. Thus, too little time to get in my lower body day. I suppose I will give tomorrow a go at a lowerbody routine.

A little concerned about my macro nutrition recently. Today:

Calories: 3,187
Fat: 68g
Carbs: 424g
Protein: 221g

Being on campus, I'm finding it hard to hit 3000+ calories with out my carbs getting at least to 300g. Most carbs are coming from: chocolate milk, wheat bread, fruit juice(for loading creatine).

I suppose if the fat and protein are where they need to be I shouldnt worry so much. But like Built has said, carbs tend to make me more hungry.

03-31-2006, 12:26 AM
Great to see some solid progress in here - keep up the awesome work, you'll see the results before you know it. Power to you for realizing that you (and only you) can make it happen.

04-01-2006, 12:49 PM
Friday (March 31st):

Rather low energy workout. Wasn't feeling it, so I cut it short:

Lower Body/Back:

Pull Ups: 5x5 (BW)
Abs: 3x20 (125lbs) Cybex Machine
Seated Leg Press: 3x8 (280lbs) Cybex
Lat Pull Down: 3x8 (112.5lbs) Cybex

Feeling fat as well. Hopefully its just the carbs bloating me. :rolleyes:

04-03-2006, 12:31 AM
Saturday and Sunday: (April 1st and 2nd)

Decided to make these two days rest. My cals dropped significantly over the weekend. I drank Saturday night, first time in about 2 months. 5 Coronas and a shot of jaeger.

I think I'll be able to keep my carbs under 200g now. I am afraid this past week they were way too high, one day I hit 400g. I feel like a lot of areas on my body are becoming flat (ie extra flab). After reading all the information I find it hard to believe that 3,000cals for me was too much? I'm 6'1'' and ~188lbs. I think I may bump it down to around 2,800 and see if I continue to gain and not fat.

04-03-2006, 09:20 PM
Monday (April 3rd):

Finally realized why my bench max may be low. I was lifting incorrectly. On the flat bench press I had my hands rather close together. As I moved them out I could more easily put up greater weight.

Upper Body Day:

Flat Bench Press: 1x5(135lbs) 1x5(145lbs) 1x4(155lbs) 1x1(175lbs)
Pull Ups: 1x12 1x10 1x8 (BW)
Dips: 3x8 (BW)
Arnies: 3x8 (35lbs)
Flat Dumb Bell Bench: 1x5(55lbs) 1x7(55lbs)

I cut out rows from my upper body day and decided to add them to my second day. My second day will now consist of back and lower body. If anyone reads this I need some good suggestions for more exercises for my upper body day.

04-05-2006, 06:16 PM
Wednesday (April 5th):

Changing split to every other day, because I am not sleeping enough and my muscles need more recovery time.

Warm Up Lat Pull Down: 1x8 (85lbs)

Pull Ups: 4x5 (BW)
Lat Pull Downs: 3x8 (112.5lbs)
Seated Abs: 3x20 (125lbs) Cybex Machine
Stationary Seated Rows: 2x8 (125lbs) 1x8 (135.7lbs) Cybex Machine
Squat: 4x5 (155lbs)
Calve Raises: 3x8 (200lbs) Cybex Machine
BB Bicep Curls: 1x8 (60lbs) 2x8 (70lbs)

Less rest between exercise gave me more time to do more things. :-D But at one point I was going too fast and got a headache. Starting to see little progress. Coming to the realization that this is going to take awhile... :whiner:

04-05-2006, 07:01 PM
nothing worthwhile is ever easy bro...good luck

04-07-2006, 10:29 AM
Friday April 7th:

First ever morning workout. It was alright. Im not a morning person in general. Now I just feel sick to my stomach, even though the only thing I had before my lift was opticen.

BB Flat Bench: 1x8 (135lbs) 3x3 (155lbs) 1x2 (165lbs)
Arnies: 2x8 (35lbs) 1x8 (40lbs)
Shoulder Shrug: 3x8 (50lbs)
Pull Ups: 1x14 1x10 1x8 (BW)
Dips: 3x8 (BW)

Home for the weekend for 2 days of rest.

04-11-2006, 05:27 PM
Tuesday April 11th:

Ran out of money to go shopping at the store for clean foods. There are 3 weeks left in school before I go home. So it looks like 3 dirty bulking weeks eating on campus! yay and boo !

Bench Press: 1x8 (135lbs) 1x6(145lbs) 1x4(155lbs) 1x2(165lbs) 1x1(170lbs) 1x1(175lbs) 1x(1/2) (180lbs) <--Dropped it on myself and rolled it off :thumbup:
Chin Ups: 1x15 1x10 1x8 (BW)
Military Press: 1x8 (75lbs) 2x8 (80lbs)
DB Shrug: 3x8 (55lbs)
Dips: 3x8 (BW)

04-11-2006, 11:31 PM
Haha, I think we've all failed on a large composite lift at one point and had to crawl out from under it... at least I know I have! :thumbup:

Aside from that, keep up the solid work in here!

04-13-2006, 06:40 PM
Thursday April 13th:

Still sick. :cry:

Warm Up lat Pull: 1x8 (85lbs)
Pull Ups: 4x5 (BW)
Lat Pull Down: 3x8 (125lbs)
Seated Stationary Rows: 2x8 (125lbs) 1x8 (130lbs)
Squats: 2x5 (155lbs) 1x5 (165lbs) (Knee started to hurt)
BB Curls: 2x8 (70lbs) 1x8 (80lbs)

04-18-2006, 08:54 PM
April 18 (Tuesday):

Notes: Been sick for the last week and very stressed on top of that. This week health is improving as well as stress levels.

I've been very weary to eat lots of calories in fear of gaining fat. It is almost a phobia at this point for me. But Ive decided I owe it to myself to get hugee! I am now officially armed with Nitrean and Opticen in one hand and knowledge in the other. And junk food in the other. :D

Been eating around 2,500 cals last week. This weeks goal is 3,400.

Bench Press:
1x15 (95lbs) warm up
1x7 (135lbs)
1x4 (135lbs)
1x3 (135lbs)
1x2 (145lbs)
1x3 (145lbs)
3x8 (Bw) now with a more paralelle grip
DB Bench:
1x8 (50lbs)
1x6 (50lbs)
1x5 (50lbs)
2x10 (BW)
1x8 (BW)
1x8 (35lbs)
1x6 (35lbs)
1x5 (35lbs)

04-18-2006, 09:01 PM
journal looks good.. keep up the good work


04-21-2006, 01:18 AM
April 20th Thursday:

Notes: Feeling fat. Eating around 3,400 cals. Little less today. ~3000.

1x8 (155lbs)
1x6 (165lbs)
1x4 (175lbs)
Leg Press:
1x8 (280lbs)
1x6 (300lbs)
Calve Raises:
1x15 (240lbs)
1x10 (260lbs)
1x7 (300lbs)
Lat Pull Down Warm Up:
1x10 (87.5lbs)
Shoulder Shrugs:
1x15 (55lbs)
1x10 (60lbs)
1x10 (65lbs)
Pull Ups:
1x8 (Bw)
1x6 (Bw)
1x5 (Bw)
Seated Stationary Rows:
1x10 (125lbs)
1x8 (137lbs)
1x8 (155lbs?)

04-24-2006, 08:57 PM
April 24th Monday:

Notes: Switched to a more defined routine. Maybe I was overworking myself? Now doing WBB1


Flat Barbell Bench
1x15 (95lbs-warm up)
1x8 (135lbs)
1x6 (135lbs)
1x4 (145lbs)
Low Incline Dumbbell Press
1x10 (40lbs)
1x8 (45lbs)
1x7 (45lbs)
1x4 (50lbs)
1x8 (Bw)
1x7 (Bw)
*Had to stop due to shoulder pain

Chin Ups
*Slow, full extension
3x8 (Bw)
Seated Rows
1x8 (125lbs)
2x8 (137.5lbs)
1x10 (60lbs)
1x10 (65lbs)

04-26-2006, 07:59 PM
April 26th Wednesday:

Notes: Most extensive leg work Ive done in awhile. Ill feel this tomorrow.


1x8 (135lbs)
1x6 (155lbs)
1x6 (165lbs)
1x4 (185lbs)
Hack Squats (Smith Machine)
1x8 (95lbs)
2x8 (115lbs)
Leg Curls
1x8 (75lbs)
1x8 (87.5lbs)
1x8 (100lbs)
Standing Calve Raises
2x10 (220lbs)
2x10 (240lbs)


Cybex Seated Crunch
2x10 (137.5lbs)
2x10 (150lbs)

04-29-2006, 01:52 AM
April 28th Friday:

Notes: Today was suppose to be the third day of WBB1 routine. Arms and what not. But it was beautiful out today and I had the oppurtunity to go on a bike ride with an extremely nice road bike.

Lower Body/ Legs

15 miles @ ~13.5 mph (~1 hour and 30 minutes on very hilly roads)

I will be feeling this one tomorrow :whip:

05-01-2006, 06:37 PM
May 1st Monday:

Notes: Started another cycle of creatine today. Cut dips and some sets out due to finals week.


Flat Barbell Bench
1x15 (95lbs-warm up)
1x8 (140lbs)
1x6 (140lbs)
1x4 (150lbs)
Low Incline Dumbbell Press
2x8 (45lbs)
1x6 (50lbs)


Chin Ups
3x8 (BW)
Seated Rows
1x8 (125lbs)
1x8 (137.5lbs)
1x10 (60lbs)
1x10 (70lbs)

*edit for spelling

05-04-2006, 10:18 AM
Wednesday May 3rd:

Notes: Once again this is finals week at UofK. So I am cutting a few things out. Move out is Friday morning. So I am moving Day 3 to Thursday(today) and mixing in some abs if time allows.


1x8 (135lbs)
1x6 (160lbs)
1x6 (170lbs)
1x4 (190lbs)
Leg Curls
2x8 (87.5lbs)
1x5 (100lbs)
Standing Calve Raises
2x10 (230lbs)
2x10 (250lbs)

05-16-2006, 02:10 PM
Wednesday May 3rd:

Notes: Once again this is finals week at UofK. So I am cutting a few things out. Move out is Friday morning. So I am moving Day 3 to Thursday(today) and mixing in some abs if time allows.


1x8 (135lbs)
1x6 (160lbs)
1x6 (170lbs)
1x4 (190lbs)
Leg Curls
2x8 (87.5lbs)
1x5 (100lbs)
Standing Calve Raises
2x10 (230lbs)
2x10 (250lbs)

It's been 12 days......where ya been?

09-11-2006, 10:36 AM
Well its been a long time since I updated the journal. May 4th was the last time I hit the gym for the summer. Towards the end I was using the bowflex in the basement. Then I went to the gym on OSU's campus with my friend and it was like an addicting drug all over again. Since I've been back at school in Kentucky I have been using the small gym at the apartment complex. I am just about to outlift their free weights. So it looks like I will be treking to the main gym.

Working out every other day.
Maintenance calories + 200/300cal more.
Nitrean 2-3 scoops a day
(Soon to start creatine again)

db Bench 2x8 (50lbs)
Bench (machine) 2x8(135lbs) 2x5(145lbs)
Arnies 1x8(35lbs) 1x6(35lbs) 1x4(40lbs)
Lateral Raises 1x8(12lbs) 1x8(15lbs) 1x8(15lbs)
Shrugs 1x15(50lbs) 1x10(50lbs) --Max db at small gym
Chin Ups 1x8(BW) 1x6(BW) 1x4(BW) 1x4(BW) --working on form
Tricep Push Down (machine) 1x8(42.5lbs) 1x8(47.5lbs) 1x8(52.5lbs) 1x8(57.5lbs)

09-16-2006, 12:43 PM
Its my birthday! YAY I'm not a teenager anymore! :( No more excuses to be immature?

09-16-2006, 01:20 PM
hows it feeling to be gettin back into the groove of things?

Ummm, not sure if im followin the workout correctly so i wont comment on that.

And btw when i saw something about "birthday" and "teenager" i thought u were just turning 13. I immediately looked at ur stats and said wow, kids 4 years younger than me and weighs more and probably lifts more than me :D.

Gl stayin on track.