View Full Version : Some recipes from STUMP

03-30-2006, 04:41 PM
Hey guys, are you hungry? im always hungry...so i though i would share some good stuff to eat for you cutters or bulkers out there.

Apple slices with natty pb on top, unreal and super healthy
A bowl of oatmeal, low fat, taste good, and healthy
Fruit salad, stock up on your fruit and make some salad
Trail mix, buy your favorite nuts and dried fruits and make some

ok these arent really recipes but they are all great snacks that i love


Tuna salad

2 cans of ITALIAN tuna packed in olive oil
your favorite greens
red onion

use the oil from the tuna, add some fresh lemon, italian sessonings, salt and eat up! 50+ grams of protein!!

Italian style sandwiches without the fat

12 grain or whole wheat bread
baby spinach
fresh tomato
fresh mozzarella
chicken breast or roast beef
use a little bit of oil + garlic powder and put on the bread


Super Duper Peanut butter sandwich

12 grain or whole wheat bread
Natty Peanut butter

put all of those into a double decked PB sandwich, holy cow.