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04-11-2006, 05:28 PM
Week1: 12 12 12
Week2: 12 12 12
Week3: 10 10 10
Week4: 10 10 10
Week5: 12 10 8
Week6: 12 10 8
Week7: 10 8 6
Week8: 10 8 6

Tuesday- Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

I'm 3 week in already.... decided I would start posting it on a journal to get some motivation
took 2 months off before starting this program so I'm easing into it (especially with the legs because of work)

Monday: Squat: 135x12 155x12 185x12
LegPress: 135x12 225x12 315x12
QuadExtensions: 60x12 80x12
SeatedCalveRaises: 45x12 70x12 95x12

Tuesday: BenchPress: 135x12 185x12 225x12
InclinePress: 135x12 155x12
DumbbellShoulderPress: 40'sx12
TricepExtensions: 60x12

Wednesday: LatPulldowns: 60x12 80x12 100x12 120x12
DumbbellRows: 40'sx12 50'sx12 60'sx12
UpRightRows: 35x12 55x12
DumbbellHammerCurls: 20'sx12 30'sx12

Monday: Squat: 135x12 185x12 225x12
LegPress: 135x12 225x12 315x12 405x12
QuadExtensions: 60x12 80x12
SeatedCalveRaises: 45x12 70x12 95x12 105x12

Tuesday: BenchPress: 135x12 185x12 225x12 245x12
InclinePress: 135x12 185x12
DumbbellShoulderPress: 40'sx12 50'sx12
TricepExtensions: 60x12 80x12 100x6-x6

Wednesday: DumbbellRows: 50'sx12 60'sx12 70'sx12
LatPulldowns: 60x12 100x12 140x12
UpRightRows: 50x12 60x12 70x12
DumbbellHammerCurls: 30'sx12 40'sx12

04-11-2006, 05:31 PM
Monday: Squat: 135x12 225x12
LegPress: 315x12 405x12 495x12
QuadExtensions: 80x12 100x12
SeatedCalveRaises: 45x12 95x12 120x12

Tuesday: BenchPress: 135x10 185x10 225x10 275x10
InclinePress: 135x10 205x8-10
DumbbellShoulderPress: 40sx10 60'sx10
TricepExtensions: 60x10 80x10
DumbbellOverHeadFrenchPress: 60x10

04-12-2006, 04:31 AM
Appears to me you have the perfect split, I used it last year to good effect. The schedule is quite different though, lol. You must have pretty good development with your numbers jumping up like crazy all over after getting back to it.