View Full Version : Lost a month and 1/2's progresss in a week

04-13-2006, 07:48 PM
so in month I gained 12 pounds, added 1/2 an inch to each arm and a little over an inch to each leg, put 45 pounds on my 20 rep squat, as well as adding weight to my pull-ups and benchpress.

So then I get sick. Sinus infection, I think. I never really had much of a fever, put I didn't sleep well at night, had a real bad soar throat, my ears hurt a lot, my sinuses were all backed up, and I couldn't breath out of my nose. So didn't go to school for 4 days; mostly layed around the hosue. I didn't eat much. I also got an anti-biotic from my doctor.

Now I'm all better. I've been better for maybe 4 days and I've gone to school and played tennis each one of these days. First day back in the gym. I was doing 20 rep squats with 240, but today I decided to change up my routine a bit, maybe go a little lighter cause I've been sick.

I'm shocked - while warming up with sets of 5 i'm toast on my second set - with only 205 lbs. I'm expecting to do 260+, or AT LEAST 240 lbs, something I was able to rep 20 times a week and a half ago. My pull-ups are bad too, where I was doing working sets of 5 with bodyweight + 20 lbs, now I struggle with bodyweight + 5.

Not only that, but I've lost may 6 lbs, and my arms are where they were a month and a half ago, and i've lost a good 1/2 inch on each leg. After telling my coach about this he assured me that my gains would "quickly return," but I'm still worried. I already take a 3 month step backwards in lifting gains because of wrestling season, and its even more disheartening to loose a month and a half of gains in only a short matter of time. Do you all think everything will come back in a week or so, or am I going to have to bust my ass alll over again, just to get to the strength level that I WAS at?

04-13-2006, 08:14 PM
Sickness can do that to people. Just increase intake of cals and it should all come back soon enough.

04-13-2006, 10:01 PM
ur recovering from a sickness, wait a week or two and ur strength will be back to normal. and the size u lost were most likely because u were depleted and dehydrated.


04-13-2006, 10:36 PM
still 7 pounds dehydrated after 4 days? Wow, how long does it take to regain my precious bodily fluids?

04-14-2006, 12:51 AM
Sinus infections can take quite a while to bounce back from completely.

You didn't "lose" all those gains. You're still sick. When you are healthy, it won't take long to be back at full strength.

04-14-2006, 09:26 AM
some people fluctuate 5-10lbs in a day when they are healthy, let alone when they are sick, don't worry about it, rest up and hit the weights hard once ur back.


04-14-2006, 02:07 PM
true. i weigh 10lbs more at night than in the morning.

04-14-2006, 02:09 PM
It'll come right back.