View Full Version : Am I missing anything?

04-19-2006, 12:34 PM
I'm about to start a GPP program based on specific goals.
I have gained 40 pounds since I used to do bodyweight strength and endurance training, and the extra weight makes things like pushups only slightly easier than they were a couple months after I started doing them as a twig. I haven't been too active lately, and am trying to recover from sleep deprivation, so I'm gradually going into a GPP program to increase cardio health, relative/bodyweight strength, flexibilty/balance, endurance, and vertical leap.
So my plan is this to start:
Monday - Pushups (5-6 sets to 50 or so to start), chins (4 or 5 sets to 25-30)
Tuesday - Deadlifts and SLDL (probably swap with squats every other week)
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Plyometrics: box jumps, depth jumps, etc., ab workout (couple sets decline weighted situps, couple sets bicycles or V situps, couple sets hanging leg raises)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Sled pull and any makeshift strongman exercises I can think of (anything heavy I can pick up and throw or move)
Sunday - Rest (maybe take the dog for a walk/jog or hop on the treadmill for HIIT)
I want to eventually include parkour, shadowboxing, a heavy bag when I can get one, handstands, and eventually when my upper body is stronger, plyometric pushups, and weighted pullups when I can do 10 per set. Anyone have any thoughts and/or suggestions, similar plans, etc? Should I do anything differently?