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04-21-2006, 08:26 AM
hi all i'm a 20 yrs male , i am from egypt i've been training for 6 months i guess that makes me a beginner but i am an endomorph i wish really i could lose my fats cause it looks like crab i'm 72 cm tall and 78kg =78x2.2pound = 171.6 pounds i workout twice a day .. cardio at the morning for 30-40 minutes and weight training at 7-8 pm (cardio for 4-5days per week weight training for 5 days per week) .....here's my food plan..................

meal one after cardio= 5 eggwhites + one egg yolk + 1 cupskimmed milk200grams) + 3 slices(oz) whole wheat bread ..

meal2= 1 apple +1 scoop whey protein..

meal3= grilled meat(200gmsteak)/or grilledfish or grilled chicken+2 slices(oz)whole wheat bread+40grams tahini(made from sesame used a lot here in egypt (40grams provide about 20grams nice fats+6pro+7carbs))
meal4=2 bananas+1 scoop whey+cup skimmed milk(400grams)

meal5=tuna can(140gm)+vegetables(300grams carrots+greenpeas or brocolli)

meal 6=1 scoop whey protein oryougurt made from skimmed milk + some vegetables...
that's nearly 2000 calorie intake with around 20%fats and around 40%protein and around 40 % carbs

my weight training is after meal 3 or 4 i havent't do thid plan for a long time but i'm afraid if there's something wrong with it , what do u think really i have to make to help me to lose my fats and get ripped i'm also afraid of dehydration and lossing muscles and stuff as i don't have much muscles to lose any of it :D any body can help me ??????(something else any body have any suggestions about my fat intake is the tahini ok?? or shall i try olive oil and supplements and shall my calorie intake be lower on days off??

04-21-2006, 09:25 AM
Are you losing weight now?

04-22-2006, 05:35 AM
keep up the cardio... that'll help a bunch... If you are not alreasy using fitday.com to help you count your cal and stuff that'll help. It sounds like you are on the right track! I would say keep doing what you are and come back in a week and let us know if you have lost anything!!!