View Full Version : Some confusion on Carbs and Nutritional Info

04-26-2006, 12:33 AM
I'm trying to cut and I keep hearing "eat 1.5g Protein per lb of bodyweight" and "consume .5g Fat for every pound of lean mass". That means 190lbs of Body Weight x 1.5 = 285g Protein. Now I just did a DEXA body comp scan so I can finally figure out how much fat that I need: 128lbs Lean Mass / 2 = 64g Fat.

Now how much Carbs should I be getting? I hear theyre bad for cuts (except for before workouts) so I'd like to keep them to a minimum. But I need to make up the rest of my daily calories (I dont have access to a reliable scale which means I cant find my maintenance calories so I am relying on a formula I got from the "What a bodybuilder eats" thread. Theres a link in there that says multiply your BW by 12. So for me that would be 190 x 12 = 2280).

Now a slightly different question. When I look at the nutritional info of a food and it says XXX calories, XXX Protein, XXX Fat, XXX Carbs, does that mean the XXX calories is comrpised of the XXX Pro, Fat and Carbs (by multiplyng them by 4, 9, and 4 respectively)? Or is that XXX calories on top of the Fat, Carbs and Pro?

04-26-2006, 08:59 AM
the total calories includes all the macro's. Once you hit the 1.5g of Pro and .5g of fat fill in the rest with CHO's (as much as you need to meet your cals). Complex CHO (oats etc) are good any time of the day, simple CHO (dextrose etc) are great preworkout.

04-26-2006, 09:29 AM
I've been told and have been using 1 g of prot per LBM. I haven't noticed any significant muscle loss (if any) and you can use the rest of those calories for carbs and fats, which are both very important for bodily functions such as building testosterone, or glycogen replenishing and muscle repair.

Don't go to low on any one of your macros.