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05-15-2006, 10:11 PM
So with the Maximum Mass Stack (Nitrean, Opticen, ETS & Creatine 500) + Multi Plus... what times would it be ideal to take them during a typical day? im guessing you should be using them every single day, right?

I know you should take the multi plus in the morning.

And i see from the last post Opticen can be great for a post workout shake.

When would i take the Nitrean shake and the ETS capsules?

Lastly, assuming you take these once per day (shouldn't be more than once daily right?), the stack will last a month?

thanks in advance

05-15-2006, 10:35 PM
nitrean i take as needed per day. Sometimes (like today) i have 5 scoops and other days i have none.

creatine I only take 1.5 hrs before a work out. Some people take it every day.

Do what works for you.

Joe Black
05-16-2006, 08:36 AM
Bear in mind we are currently working on a guide that will compliment the stack. It will be a complete guide on how to train and diet for maximum mass and also it will detail how to use the supplements exactly. We'll be sending it out to all historic customers also, so you are welcome to pick up the stack now and you'll still get a copy in about a week or so.

Heres some quick pointers for you in the mean time.

Nitrean - use it wherever you want to substitute real food protein. Personally I take some in the morning and some post workout.

Opticen - again, to substitute a whole meal. Personally I take it about 11am. By then I am still full up from breakfast and soon ready for lunch so its a perfect time for a liquid meal!

ETS - 4 capsules in the morning, 4 in the afternoon

Creatine 500 - 5 grams post workout, 5 grams in the morning on no workout days

Multi plus - 3 capsules, whenever.

Hope that helps.


05-16-2006, 10:41 AM
thanks daniel.

how long does the stack typically last someone if they are supplementing daily? a month?

chris mason
05-16-2006, 11:03 AM
ETS= 30 day supply
Creatine 500= 100 day supply
Opticen and Nitrean= depends on how much you use daily

10-24-2006, 09:59 PM
sorry to bring up an old thread, just wonder if 1 order of Maximum Mass stack is gonna be enough for the month.. Or should order extra Opticen and Nitrean with the order.. thanks for your help...

chris mason
10-25-2006, 05:42 AM
One stack should last you the entire month. I never use a full serving (3 scoops) of Opticen at once. I usually use 1.5-2 scoops. As long as you stick to that daily it will last you a full month. You could order an extra Opticen and Nitrean if you were going to go heavy on their use.


10-25-2006, 11:55 PM
thanks for the info..