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05-17-2006, 07:50 AM
I'm going off of Built's recommendations and trying to figure out my: 1. LBM and 2. maintenance calories. I'm starting to track my diet, finally, on Fitday. I really haven't had a need to yet because I'm dirty bulking so I've just been throwing a lot of food down at every meal.

Anyway, next week (second to last week before cut) I'm going to stay high in cals but go clean (carbs just before and after workout, and no starchy carbs on off days :( )

So, how do I start? Do I measure everything and enter it into fit day?

Basically I'm going to limit my food to the following: cottage cheese, FF plain yogurt, oats, chicken breast, ground sirloin, tuna, Nitrean, Whey, eggs, steak, bananas, apples, frozen veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, corn), olive oil, almonds (i'm allergic to peanuts :(). Starchy carbs after workout will be pasta and rice.

Supps. I'm on and going to include are: multi, fish caps, ETS, creatine, and I'm going to try for the first time caffeine pills.

Also my pre-workout meal is 1 cup FF plain yogurt mixed with 1 cup raw oats and some Splenda. Good? I've enjoyed it and want to continue if its good enough.

I'm 5'10," around 175 but haven't weighed myself in a while. I just started BGB, as well, BTW.

I don't really know how to present my question. I guess I just want someone to tell me how many cals I need to eat to cut. :D

05-17-2006, 09:59 AM
weigh your food or look at the back of the pack in the uk it tells u what things are per 100g so you would weigh say 200g and times that by 2. if you want to enter this in fitday you can i just count mine and use a calculator.

do this everyday for a week trying to hit the same cals pick a number say 3000 cals. do that for a week or 2 weighing yourself at the start and after every week. adjust that number until you dont gain or loose weight. this is maintanance. then you either deduct between 300-500 or 10-20% personal preference. keep watching you weight and weigh yourself on the same day on a morning before drinking or eating. if you are loosing more than 1-1.5 pound a week i would decrease the calorie deficit a little. aim for 1-1.5 pound a week weight loss for a slow cut to help maintain lbm. im sure builts coverd everything else their is and more with you.