View Full Version : Bulking pictures.

05-17-2006, 04:16 PM
The lighting is terrible, yes i know. this is just about 3 arm shots. I will get more shots in when i have time. The dates are wrong, my camera sucks. So bear with me, please. :strong:

05-17-2006, 04:39 PM
looking solid but you can't see much

05-17-2006, 04:50 PM
Why did you take 3 Arm shots? Why of only 1 arm?

*Here come the masturbation jokes*

lol just messing around

05-17-2006, 09:39 PM
can't tell too much from those shots. get some better pics up, bro.

05-17-2006, 09:41 PM
I am working on it RBB. My camera is ****ty. But just wanted to get thos up, get me? Thanks for the feed i got, i know its hard to tell.

05-17-2006, 10:02 PM
you should do a normal bicep pose to maybe.

05-17-2006, 10:15 PM
there is a normal one.

05-18-2006, 12:48 AM
post some mandatories at least with a shirt off. Also don't forget the quads.

05-18-2006, 01:47 AM
there is a normal one.

Pretty sure he's talking about the double bi pose in which case you do not have one. Those pictures show slim to none as far as overall progress goes, but they look great on myspace, am I rite?!? Camera seems to be working fine, not the best resolution but not that big of a deal. Take your shirt off, get a friend or family member to take some pictures of you and get do some traditional poses if you want quality feedback.

05-18-2006, 11:22 AM
I am buying a new camera today. This one, the flash broke. And blahblah, its just ****ty. I will probably be posting better pics up this week. And i will get some quads in there too.

05-18-2006, 12:32 PM
hope to see some

05-18-2006, 12:37 PM
You will. I might get some 2night. Im bloated lol, being on cycle. But that's irrelavent. Thanks