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05-19-2006, 07:35 AM
Hi everyone, I'm just starting to log my progress, but I eat similarly every day - here is yesterday's I tracked


I'm 6'0, 185 pounds. This was on a training day, and for training I'm alternating 1 week of cutting with 2 of bulking, all the while doing 30 min of cardio 5 days a week (Trying to lose a bit of weight while gaining)

Thanks in advance for the advice

05-19-2006, 08:08 AM
I'll leave the majority of the critiquing to ppl like Built, but I think you should up your protein a little bit

and are you doin the cardio during your "bulking weeks" or just during the cutting one?

05-19-2006, 08:10 AM
I'm doing cardio each week. Drop it to just cut weeks?

05-19-2006, 08:14 AM
yeah, I would drop it to just cut weeks if at all...most people will tell you that cutting and bulking is all about diet, but if you want to do cardio and this is how your weeks are set up I would do it during the cut week (but maybe keep it to 2-3 days and do HIIT instead)

05-22-2006, 11:34 AM
any comments after I have a couple more days? If you look at the weekdays, those will be more consistent as I'm in a routine then. Looking at my results it looks like I'm getting too much carbs and not enough protein..but I'm by no means an expert on this. I know some of the stuff on there isn't healthy but I'm trying my best to make the transition from being a kid able to eat anything he wants at anytime. Thanks!

Oh, and I stopped cardio, switched to three day a week HIIT - I like it a lot better!

05-24-2006, 02:34 PM
why are you trying to bulk 2 weeks then cut for a week? the body is barely having time to react to the change in diet to bulk, and then you cut.

why don't you bulk for 6-8 weeks, then cut for 6-8 weeks instead?

05-24-2006, 02:42 PM
I'm with malkore - bulk for long enough to let it STICK.

Slim Schaedle
05-24-2006, 03:25 PM
I tired something like that once in 2000. One of those prgrams out of the EAS supplement review books.

Should have naver tried it.

My other thoughts are that your calories are pretty low. (was that a day from a cutting week?)

I also think your carbphydrate sources could be alot better.

EDIT: After looking at things again, not much seems consistent. I realize you are bulking/cutting, but some days you are like 700 below maintenance, and then only like 200 above on other days. Even though the long run is what matters, better consistency is what is going to get your there. Even disregarding fitday as a source of determing caloric needs (in terms of BMR, etc.) everything is still pretty sporadic.

Protein is pretty damn low almost every day too.

(*chuckles to himself after realizing he never analyzes personal diets on here)