View Full Version : maintaining strength during hardcore wrestling season

05-19-2006, 09:01 PM
well last year i played sports for the first time played football and did wrestling.
before wrestling i was 210 lbs about 28% bf and i benched 230 squated 280
cleaned 175
then during wrestling season i had to cut to 189 and ended up accedentially losing about 40 lbs during the hardcore conditioning. i lifted heavy and short yet the amount i could do greatly decreased. i expected to lose a little strength but i ended up losin about 50 lbs of off each lift.
when i came back to liftin for fb bench 180 squat 255 clean 135
now i went from 175(feb) to 185(may) i got my maxes up again bench stuck at 230( since mid march ) squat up to 355 and clean 190

05-19-2006, 09:40 PM
Well my cousin is in wrestling so he has an "in season" weight and a regular wieght.

I would say just keep doing your routine and take ALOT of protien. It sounds crazy but 1 gram of protien for each pound of LBM is what you need to maintain! If you want to see gains you're gonna need way more. So just eat as much protien as possible.