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05-22-2006, 06:37 AM
There has been tonne's of stuff discussed about PWO nutrition... but I am presuming that they have been based on the presumption that we're talking about anerobic excercise designed to promote muscle growth. In the case of those of us who are cutting and performing HIIT, what is the best type of nutrients to consume after a HIIT session. I've heard that it's best not to eat after a HIIT session in order to stimulate optimal fat loss. I'm not sure if this is good advice. Somone holla @ me please.

05-22-2006, 04:06 PM
There is a good thread in a diff. section about HIIT


some people eat right after
others wait an hour (which seems to be the preferred method)

just eat a reg. carb + protein meal (same as after a reg. weight lifting session)