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05-22-2006, 11:06 AM
I know this may be a little different than most people are used to hearing..

I am a gastric bypass patient, started out 3 years ago at 500.. got down to 240...Found my way back up to 360 by means of a twelve pack of beer 4 -5 times a week. Realized what I was doing to myself and in the past 6 weeks I have done a complete 180.

I am currently putting in 6 days of WL and CV training, but only averaging about 1000 calories a day. The surgery allows me not to have an appetite of any kind. I am sure to eat 5 times a day at 3hr intervals with the last meal devoid of any siginifant carbs and at least 3 hours before bed.

Granted my Basal and Activity level shows I burn on average of 4000+ calories a day. Im wondering if Im doing myself more harm than good with the lack of calories and intense training.

From looking back I notice 85% of my calories a day are proteins of some sort followed by carbs and fats

Ive also dropped about 25lbs in 6 weeks, but my strength is remiaining the same if not incresasing.....

It may be easier to look at my fitday journal and let me know if anyone has any other recomendations on change of eating habits

Any feedback would be great.

Saint Patrick
05-22-2006, 12:01 PM
I'm surprised that you were able to down a 12-pack of beer after GB surgery.

You really should try and take in more calories if possible. I know it's difficult in your situation, but more carbs & fats espscially.

You're lifting AND doing cardio 6 days/week? what does your routine look like?

05-22-2006, 12:26 PM
Oddly enough the liquids flow right through the pouch because of the lack of cardiac sphincter muscle that would normally hold fluid in the stomach... The pouch does get full of liquid for short periods of time, but that lasts for maybe 5 mins.. Food on the other hand will stay in the pouch until the acids start to break it down.

Supplementation is 2 Micellean (44g protein) shakes a day and 5gm of Glutamine at rising and 5gm at bedtime

My workout looks something like this..

Monday - Chest/Biceps (35 mins treadmill)
Tuesday - Legs (60 min spinning class)
Wednesday - off (35 mins cardio)
Thursday - Back (60 min spinning class)
Friday - Shoulders/Triceps (35 mins cardio)
Saturday (60 min spinning class)

Im considering changing my 35 min cardio days into HIIT days to maximize fat burning

As far a routine Im currently working within the Power/Rep Range/Shock routine


POWER:week 1
-rack deadlift...3 x 3-6
-bent row...3 x 4-6
-weighted chin...2-3 x 4-6
-CG seated row...2-3 x 4-6

REP RANGE:week 2
-CG weighted chin...2 x 6-8
-WG T-Bar row...2 x 8-10
-dumbell row...2 x 10-12
-pullover...2 x 12-15

SHOCK:week 3
-pullover/WG pulldown superset...1-2 x 8-10 each
-stiff arm pulldown/reverse grip bent row...1-2 x 8-10 each
-CG seated pully row dropset...1 x 6-8, drop, 6-8, drop, 6-8


week 1: power

-barbell curl...2 x 4-6
-preacher curl...2 x 4-6
-hammer curl...1-2 x 4-6
-CG bench press...3 x 4-6
-skull crush...2 x 4-6
-single arm dumbell extension...1-2 x 4-6

week 2: rep range

-alternating dumbell curl...2 x 6-8
-cable curl...2 x 8-10
-concentration curl...1-2 x 10-12
-weighted dip...3 x 6-8
-pushdown...2 x 8-10
-kickback...1-2 x 10-12

week 3: shock

-ez bar curl/CG chin superset...1 x 6-10 each
-preacher curl/reverse curl superset...1 x 6-10 each
-DROPSET cable single arm curl...1 x 6-10, drop 6-10
-pushdown/CG bench press superset...1-2 x 6-10 each
-reverse grip pushdown/incline overhead extension superset...1-2 x 6-10 each
-DROPSET weighted bench dip...1 x 8-10, drop 8-10


week 1: power
-dumbell bench press...3 x 4-6
-incline press...3 x 4-6
-weighted dips...2 x 4-6

week 2: rep range
-incline dumbell press...3 x 6-8
-bench press...3 x 8-10
-flye...2 x 10-12

week 3: shock
-superset...cable crossover/incline smith press...1-2 x 8-10 reps each
-superset...incline flye/dips...1 x 8-10 reps each
-dropset...machine bench press...1 x 8-10, drop 6-8, drop 6-8 optional


week 1: power

-military press...2-3 x 4-6
-upright row...2-3 x 4-6
-"cheat" lateral...2 x 4-6

week 2: rep range

-single arm dumbell press...2 x 6-8
-bent lateral...2-3 x 8-10
-cable side lateral...2 x 10-12

week 3: shock

-seated side lateral/hammer machine press superset...1-2 x 8-10
-reverse pec deck/WG upright row superset...1-2 x 8-10
-cable front raise dropset...1 x 6-8, drop 6-8, drop 6-8 optional


week 1: power

-squats...3 x 4-6
-leg press...3 x 4-6
-single leg extension...2 x 4-6
-lying leg curl...3 x 4-6
-stiff deadlift...2-3 x 4-6

week 2: rep range

-leg extension...2 x 8-10
-hack squat...3 x 10-12
-one legged leg press...3 x 12-15
-lying leg curl...2 x 6-8
-stiff deadlift...2 x 8-10
-single leg curl or seated leg curl...1-2 x 10-12

week 3: shock

-superset: leg extension/front squat...1-2 x 8-10 each
-superset: leg extension/sissy squat or leg press...1-2 x 8-10 each
-dropset: lunge...1 x 8-10, drop, 8-10
-superset: leg curl seated or lying/toes pointed hyperextension...1-2 x 8-10 each
-dropset: single leg curl...1-2 x 8-10, drop, 8-10

05-22-2006, 12:33 PM
Try to get in more liquid cals if you can. Even at 2000 cals a day you will be dropping loads of weight.

Saint Patrick
05-22-2006, 12:35 PM
you change your sets and reps every week?

Drop the spinning class on leg day, counter-productive IMO

If you can down liquids like that, then add some fats like olive oil/peanut butter (except post workout) and some carbs like ground up oats, brewer's yeast, bananas or maltodextrin to your protein shakes.

05-22-2006, 12:38 PM
Honestly, I think at this point you would do better if you could up the calories, as was said above. I would put in another meal an horu before bed like some natural peanut butter along with some cottage cheese. Thats an easy way to add another meal, and your body will love it in the morning....As far as workout, I personally think you should look at Baby Got Back by Built... You seem to like the 4 day split and its a killer workout. I am in the process of doing a modified version and I love it.

05-22-2006, 05:39 PM
You will definately lose weight from having the surgery alone but its going to be trouble ever putting on some serious muscle getting full that easy.