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05-24-2006, 11:49 PM
Hahaha, yes that is right. This is my PMS journal. Well... kind of. Except im talking about physical mental and spiritual as opposed to premenstrual syndrome.

Heres the deal. I am SICK AND TIRED of going at something half of what I can do and not getting anywhere. Also I am sick of not living my life like I want to. So here it is, my life is going to be flooded onto here for time to come, regardless of what other people think or if anyone actually reads it.

Little background and introduction since absolutely no one on here knows me but I feel like I know many of you well. I'm the silent reader. Under this account ive been a member since the fall. However, I first stumbled upon this site about 2 years ago. I have become very serious about lifting since about august of last year and have made great gains (gah why didnt I take pictures). I consider myself a strong Christian and im in pharmacy school, which respectively are my two priorities in life.

My Goals:
Lifting: I weigh 183 (or did other day) and by the end of summer I want to smash 200.
Mental: My school work has been ridiculous, undergrad I was near 4.0. Now im hovering around 2.5 Disgusting, but coming undercontrol and reworking my study habits
Spiritual: One thing Ive learned this year, lifting and my walk with Christ are very similiar, they both require serious dedication and commitment, sadly something I lack in both departments.

Alright, back to lifting. In the past two months my body weight has done the following:
185 --(4-5 weeks)--> 167 --(3-4 weeks)-> 185

Eventually I need to get some pictures to show where im at currently, nice base, just need some more meat. Anyways, ive taken the plunge and im very excited, time to take this SERIOUS. 200, HERE I COME!

My main problem? Obviously not eating enough as I can never do a long term serious bulk. Ill admit I dont like putting on a lot of fat and try and do a slow and clean bulk but at this point im willing to say screw it.

Today: Was bad, plain and simple. Had a hard exam and skills lab in which I had to counsel my professors on various OTC medications for treatment of GI disorders... yuck. Morning, a shake (2 cups of skim milk, 2 scoops of powder ~50g protein) later a MRB. Came home exhausted due to family problems, took down some cashews and had a no fat yogurt. Took a nap, got up finished a research paper another MRB (im out of food atm). Realized I have had nothing so far today and hosed down another shake, some Natural peanut butter (NPB from here on out) and another 2 cups of milk. Could of easily gone to bed without eating but cant cheat myself like that anymore.

Nice meeting all you out there, feels good to finally post on the forums ive been reading so much! See you all tomorrow.... er... today.. later

08-26-2006, 11:36 PM
Its been a while... school was rough and Ive just been absorbing summer. Lifting has continued though and its been a rollercoaster.

First I decided to cut, specifically on the UD2 diet which is amazing, but at my old hell hole of a house just was not possible. But that time has passed, its........ BULK TIME, yaya! The once 175ish old me is already upgraded to a 190 wonderfulness :evillaugh

Gonna start keeping a strict journal, or try. Quick layout of my goals though. Keep the fat gain low, although I know its gonna come. Hit 200 by Oct. 1 at the latest. After that 5-10 lbs a month hoping for 220ish by Feb. 1 to start cutting for summer time.

How to do it? Lifting is easy, eating is hard is what I have learned. I am eating literally everything I can trying to consume 4-6k a day. Not really counting too much as I find it takes a lot of time that I already dont have (im just gonna have to pay attention to how my stomach feels and the scale).

Until tomorrow, TC

08-27-2006, 07:27 PM

Sleep ~ 8 Hrs,
Food today: Some protein bars, egg/chesse/turkey omelet with some bread, a chicken sub (had bacon and ranch on it... meh), 2 protein shakes, a yogart and more too come! Ill make the 4k+ calories for sure, maybe the 5k mark.

Worked all day and then went to the gym and.... WOAH. Full body today and man my legs have never felt so good before. Lifted much more than I had recently, sadly though took it out of me for the upperbody and slacked.

Leg Press 1x10 (warm-up)
Squats 3x10
Leg Curl 3x10
Leg Ext. 3x10
(usually dead lifts but short on time)
(usually calves, but again no time :( )

Lat Pull-Down 1x10, 2x7 (def. felt the effects of the leg workout)
Rows 2x10 1xfailure (just held it back as long as I could)
Dumbell Bench 1x10 (Ouch, stopped after first set because my left forarm gave out :scratch: sooo... im gonna hope I didnt pull anything)
Military Press 1x10 (fairly easy due to concern from the bench)
(usually some shoulder stuff)
Skull crushers 2x10
Curls 2x10

At this point im using more machines than Id like to, but for legs im not sure of many other options. Today I didnt use the squat rack which made a difference and I suppose I could always at in lunges.

Well off too eat!


08-28-2006, 10:14 PM
Well, arm didnt hurt much today, which im veryyyy glad to know. I really thought it was gonna be a painful day. Anyways....

Sleep ~ 11-12 hrs. Man I was knocked out.. still sleeping on the couch and not even my roommates walking all over the living room stirred me. Obviously must of been a productive work out :D Also finished last night 3 chicken breasts and a large muffin before heading to bed.

Today, nothing but eating and getting some stuff done around the house. Trying to start sleeping earlier but not easy, another full body workout ahead of me tomorrow as well as seeing what my weight is at now.

08-28-2006, 10:49 PM
Maybe you were already aware of this, but it's really easy to track what you eat on fitday:


I spend about 2 min/max per day tracking. It could help you keep the fat gain to a minimum on your bulk.

08-29-2006, 11:06 PM
Maybe you were already aware of this, but it's really easy to track what you eat on fitday:


I spend about 2 min/max per day tracking. It could help you keep the fat gain to a minimum on your bulk.

Special- Ya, almost a year ago I was using fitday and first messed around with it about 2 years ago. I plan on using it soon, but just slowly adding things in. I know that fats can creep up more than one would think but I do have to give myself credit for eating very clean. Either way...
Thanks for the suggestion, its good to have people pushing me the right direction :thumbup:

Today -
Sleep ~ 7.5 hrs
Workout ~ only upper body, was pressed for time so had to put lower on hold until tomorrow. On a good note, weighed in today at....

198 :evillaugh :ninja: :omg: 200!!!! Here I come!!!

Finally the elusive 200 lbs is within my reach. A month earlier than planned, but water weight or not ill take it. It does also make me worry about fat gain, fitday will be soon to come im sure. At first I thought it would be impossible to hit 220 or even 230 but this gives me a lot of hope. Next summer is looking good already!