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The Ocho
06-04-2006, 12:40 AM
Hey whats up guys?

I recently decided I wanted to start lifting and gaining some weight as I will have a lot of freetime this summer.

Of course being a veggie (don't eat fish, but dairy is all good), makes consuming alot of calories somewhat difficult. I have found several foods that will get me around 2500-3000 calories in a day, and am pretty happy with that. But my question is in regards to supplements/proteins.

In order to get the protein my body needs, I will need to get whey protein to help out, as I have read on this and many other boards. My question is, is there a certain brand of whey to get? Or is it all the same more or less? I am a member at Lifetime Fitness and they sell whey protein for like $35, I don't remember how big the bottle is, or would whey from GNC be just as beneficial?

I was also told that creatine is a solid option in order to bulk, and is a safe supplement to take. Question is, are there different types of creatine? If so, which is the best type? I have heard of NoXplode, not sure if that is creatine or not.

Finally, since I will be taking whey + creatine, would it be overkill to also take a weightgainer? I bought a GNC Weightgainer (Weightgainer 1850) a while back, but never really took it, if it isn't overkill, I can certainly add it in to my daily diet.

Right now i'm 5'8 and 125 lbs, probably gained about 5 lbs in the last couple weeks. But I want to be around 140 within 2-3 months, with most of it being muscle.

Thanks for the help fellas!

06-04-2006, 03:53 AM
Protein powder, creatine: At Large sells both Nitrean (protein powder) and creatine at good prices. Creatine - just get regular monohydrate - you may be able to get it cheap near where you live. If you can, just get the plain monohydrate powder. No premix, no celltech, no noxplode. Just mono. Don't let the supp store up-sell you!

You can get dextrose at any U-brew.

Toss dex, protein and creatine together and you've got yourself a post workout shake.

Toss dex, protein, dry powdered oatmeal and olive oil into the blender with water or milk and you've got the best weightgainer there is.

Creatine is particularly effective for veggies because you don't get it in your diet from meat. Don't load - just take 5g daily.

Make eggs, cottage cheese and milk your good friends, as well as the healthy fats.

Track your food on fitday. You don't gain, add 500 calories to your day.

Good luck!

The Ocho
06-08-2006, 11:42 PM
Hey thanks for the reply!

So is Nitrean like a whey protein or just another type of protein? If it doesn't make a difference for what type of protein to get, I'll just get the one they sell at Lifetime or something.

What is Dextrose? I've never heard of it.

06-09-2006, 04:10 AM

Dextose is a simple sugar