View Full Version : how to eat as maintanence

06-09-2006, 11:31 AM
I started cutting since early december, original goal was down to 175, however I was amonth ahead of schedule so I decided to cut down to 170. I'm 27, 5'10" I'm at 172 right now, will be doing UD 2.0 for about 2 weeks maybe to get down to 170. However I have been cutting and cutting and cutting. My maintenance calories are about 3000-3200. Im so used to eating about 2000, at 40% protein, 30%fat and carb. After I come off UD2.0 how should I eat to maintain weight? I don't want to gain or lose any more weight. Just to stay at 170 until sept, then I will bulk. Also whats a healthy weight for me to bulk to to gain 15 pounds of muscle? Thanks in advancce.